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Web4Health was developed as part of the EU-funded projects SALUT and KOM2002 with the aim of developing a web site with answers to questions about psychology and life style.

The Web4Health web site started operation in English in July, 2003. A German site was opened in November 2003, a Swedish and Italian in March 2004 and a Greek in June 2004.

Web4Health is highly successful, with more than two million page downloads/month. We provide the following services:


Answers to nearly a thousand different questions about life-style problems, obesity and overweight, eating disorders, addiction, alcoholism, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS), workplace problems, child guidance, sexual problems, attention-deficit hyperaktivity disorder (ADHD), etc.. Questions can be written in natural human languages and the computer will find the answer which best matches each question. If no good answer is found, the question can be turned over to a human expert for answering.
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The KOM2002 content is developed by psychiatric and psychological experts from Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden. The software was developed by the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm university, Sweden.
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  Content Management
A multi-lingual content-management system was developed, which cleary separates the language-independent and language-dependent part of the work on the site.
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Where you can discuss with other people and ask questions to experts about psychological health. You can participate anonymously, so that you can discuss your problems without telling other people who you are. For its own development, the system is using a content-management system with special support for forums in which experts can discuss each web page while developing it.                                    [read more >>]


Your privacy is controlled by strict privacy guidelines. We will not divulge who you are to anyone unless we are forced to by legal action. Login passwords are sent in encrypted format.                                [read more >>]

We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the HON Foundation. Click to verify. The Quality of our Web site is controlled by strict quality guidelines. We subscribe to the HONcode principles. Verify here. All content is checked by medical partners in different countries before it is published.
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