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add - Addiction

Adult children of alcoholics and drug addicts; consequences of suppressed childhood memories; role alcoholic family
Feelings, thoughts, experiences and assumptions from childhood affect all of us, throughout life. Children carry these experiences into adult life. If the experiences come from an environment with an addictive parent, this secret can be transferred into their adult life.
How to Stop Drinking
How to stop drinking, how to say no when someone offers alcohol? This page gives answers on how to say no to people who try to push you to drink.
What Happens to Alcohol when it Enters the Body? Physical Effects of Alcohol
How long time it takes for alcohol to pass through the stomach to the blood and finally being metabolized by the liver.
A medicine which causes unpleasant symptoms if you drink alcohol. Should only be prescribed by a doctor.
Positive and Negative effects of Alcohol Use
Alcohol can have effects which people regard as positive or negative.
Helping People with an Alcohol Addiction
If you try to help a person to stop drinking, make sure that you really help the person solve problems in a better way than drinking.
Alcoholism Stages and Causes of Alcoholism
It takes years to become an alcoholic.
Is Alcoholism Hereditary?
Children of alcohol-dependent parents run a higher risk of developing an alcohol problem than other children.
Liver Cirrhosis - a Risk for Alcoholics
Liver cirrhosis, a chronic breakdown of liver functions caused by prolonged excessive alcohol usage.
Long Term Alcohol Abuse Effects
Prolonged alcohol abuse exposes you to a high risk of damage to the body and the brain.
Articles on Alcoholism, Facts about Alcohol, All about Alcohol
All articles, all facts about alcohol and alcohol addiction.
Articles on Alcoholism, Facts about Alcohol, All about Alcohol
All articles, all facts about alcohol and alcohol addiction.
How Long should I Stop Drinking to Get Rid Of my Dependence?
No fixed time, but the longer you wait, the less problems you have with not using alcohol.
Short Term Physical Alcohol Effects, Alcohol Poisoning
This article describes the successive effects accompanying increasing levels of alcohol in the blood.
Do People with an Alcohol Problem often have Psychological/Psychiatric Problems?
A large-scale American and Dutch investigation shows that people with alcohol problems have psychiatric disorders almost twice as much as people without alcohol problems.
Alcohol and the Brain: Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome
The Wernicke - Korsakoff syndrome, a brain disorder caused by alcohol abuse, can be treated if caught in an early stage.
Alcohol Addictions
There are established conditions for defining alcohol dependence.
Why do People Drink Alcohol?
Sociability is the most common reason for drinking alcohol.
Withdrawal Symptoms when Quitting Alcohol
Most symptoms of alcohol abuse will disappear within seven to ten days after quitting. Exercise can reduce withdrawal symptoms.
Negative Effects Marijuana/Cannabis/Haschish
Long term use of cannabis (marijuana, haschish) can increase negative feelings, can lead to dangerous driving, can cause cancer, and more.
Facts about Marijuana
A list of links to answers with different facts about marijuana.
The Effects of Cannabis on Your Mood?
Cannabis intake can intensify the emotional situation you already are in for one or two hours.
Cannabis/Marijuana and Psychosis or Paranoia and other harmful effects
Among harmful effects of marijuana is that cannabis use can precipitate psychosis (paranoia) in vulnerable people.
How does Marijuana Affect Your Body? What are the Marijuana Physical Effects?
Marijuana will affect your body and several ways, listed in this text.
Effects of Marijuana on the Body ; Marijuana Effects
A week after smoking cannabis only 60-70% of the THC has left the body because it is stored in the body fat. It takes about 4-6 weeks before THC is undetectable in the blood. On the other hand, the psychoactive marijuana effects are gone after a couple of hours.
The Differences Between Hashish and Weed (Marijuana)
Hashish and weed (marijuana) originate from the same plant and contain the same active substance. The difference lies in the production process.
Techniques Casinos Use to get Us to Gamble
In order to make us gamble as much as possible the casinos use a number of elaborate techniques. Some of them are presented here.
Causes of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
A collection of articles about the causes of alcoholism and drug abuse.
Should I Forbid my Child to Use Certain Substances/Drugs/Narcotics?
In certain circumstances or until a certain age it can be good and have the desired effect to forbid your child to use drugs.
Teenage Drug Abuse: What to do if Your Child/Children Starts Experimenting with Drugs
When your child is experimenting with whatever substance, it is important to talk about that. It is the only way to find out how important the substance is for your child.
Articles about Children of Alcohol and Drug Addicts
A list of articles about problems for children to drug and alcohol addicts.
Prevent Children from Using Recreational Drugs
Education and a positive self image will help preventing children from using recreational drugs.
Distinguishing between Use and Abuse of Recreational Drugs or Narcotics; Teenage Alcoholism
Forbidding children to use drugs does not always help.
Excessive Use of Drugs
Excessive Use of Drugs: Factors to look for.
Children of alcoholics
To be confirmed and to feel that you are all right just the way you are is required for a child to move further in its development. This process can be seriously disturbed for children who grow up in a family where at least one of the parents is an active addict.
To help and protect children of alcoholic parents; role of the children and their care-giver
It is important to help and protect children of alcoholic parents. When a child comes to you for help, you must make sure that the child understands that you are ready to listen if he/she wants to talk about something. To be on time and keep promises also signals that you are available and reliable.
Cocaine Addiction: Effects of Smoking Cocaine
Smoking cocaine can cause lung damage, just like smoking tobacco.
When the Use of Cocaine Gets Out of Hand
The only good advice is to stop using cocaine. To succeed in stopping to use cocaine, you need to change your life style, too.
Is it Possible to Overdose by Sniffing Cocaine?
Sniffing cocaine can result in an overdose. It is called an overdose when the effects of the cocaine turn out badly or when the used dose is lethal. Both are possible when sniffing cocaine.
Is it Possible to Overdose by Sniffing Cocaine?
Sniffing cocaine can result in an overdose. It is called an overdose when the effects of the cocaine turn out badly or when the used dose is lethal. Both are possible when sniffing cocaine.
Almost Impossible to use Cocaine Without Addiction
A moderate use of cocaine, tobacco and heroin is almost always impossible. Only 10% of the people who start to use them become moderate users.
Addiction Cocaine Treatment
Treatment of cocaine addiction is similar to treatment of other narcotics. It takes many weeks to get rid of the addiction. Problems come back after about 10 weeks.
Educators/Teachers who Smoke or Drink
The behaviour of teachers influences the children.
Help and treatment for adult children of alcoholics
With help and treatment, adult children of alcoholics can be reconciled with their past. They need to see and to understand the connection between childhood and their situation today.
Gambling Addiction Articles
List of links to pages with articles and facts about compulsive gambling.
Living with a Gambler; Living with a Gambling Spouse-Husband-Wife
Other people often see the problem before the gambler, and can talk to them and explain to them that they have a problem.
Gambling Addiction Problem Development
Several phases of gambling addiction are described.
Gambling addiction information
A collection of articles with gambling addiction information, about compulsive gambling its causes and treatment, including medicines against gambling addiction.
Medicines against Compulsive Gambling / Gambling Addiction
Naltrexone was in one study found to be efficient treatment of compulsive gambling. Naltrexone was more effective than SSRI-s, but a combination of Naltrexone and SSRI-s may be even more effektive.
Gambling Compulsions: Why Keep on Gambling, Why not Stopping?
Various false beliefs and stimulation through excitement tend to keep people gambling.
RET: Rational Emotive Therapy for Compulsive Gambling - Gambling Addiction and other Addictive Disorders
The principle of RET: rational emotive therapy, is the relationship between thinking, feeling and action.
Compulsive Gambling Symptoms Test
A test with twenty questions to check if you are a compulsive gambler. The test is based on a list of symptoms of compulsive gambling.
Preventing and Treating Gambling Addiction
This answer gives a list of tips to avoid and handle gambling problems.
Gambling Addiction Treatment
The best gambling addiction treatment is to stop yourself. But if this does not help, other help is described here.
When does Gambling Become Gambling Addiction?
Gambling becomes an addiction when you cannot have a budget and stick to it.
How Addictive are Different Drugs/Narcotics?
The motives for drug usage can influence how addictive a certain drug is for a certain person.
What should you do if you are Afraid to Admit your Addiction?
Why addicts do not tell other people of their addiction.
Cognitive Therapy for Addiction
Description of cognitive therapy for addictions.
Can a Depression Cause the Development of an Addiction?
Yes, depression can lead a person to start an addiction.
Addictive Drugs
Drugs which can cause addiction, legal and illegal, used for pleasure or for medical treatment. This includes narcotics, alcohol, tranquilizers, nicotine, caffeine, etc. Food, such as fast food and sugar, can also be addictive.
Should an Addict Kick the Habit Voluntarily or Involuntarily?
An addict should kick the habit voluntarily. The effect of forced treatment does not last.
How to Handle Drug Dealers: My Friend has been Dealing Drugs -- What should I do?
You have a friend who is dealing drugs. You can explain to him the risks with drugs, or threaten with actions if he does not stop.
Can Drugs/Narcotics Cause Heart Problems/Heart Attacks?
Speed (amphetamines) and cocaine can cause heart pain, both directly and indirectly by causing panic.
Addiction Recovery Solutions: Addicted Once, Addicted Forever?
It is possible to break an addiction. And occasional relapses does not mean that the addiction cannot eventually be broken completely.
Are there any Non-Addictive Drugs?
Almost any drug can be addictive for some people. In particular, any drugs which cause feelings of well-being can be addictive.
Drug Alcohol Rehab Center
Rehabilitation centers create circumstances where it is easier to get rid of an addiction.
Signs of Drug Abuse; Symptoms of Alcoholism; Drug Abuse Dectection
There are symptoms, different for different drugs, but in general you need to ask people to find out if they have used a certain drug.
Recovery Addiction Methods and Therapies
Types of therapies for alcohol drug abuse treatment, including medicines used to aid withdrawal.
Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Treatment for People who also have other Psychiatric or Psychological Problems
Addicted people often have other psychiatric problems, and they need to be treated together with the treatment of addiction.
Alcoholism Drug Addiction Treatment; Alcohol Drug Abuse Treatment
Overview of main ingredients in the treatment of alcoholism and addiction.
The Difference Between Use and Abuse of Addictive Drugs/Narcotics?
This is a controversial issue. Different people have different views on what drug usage is use and what is abuse.
Is Someone who Only Uses Drugs/Narcotics during Weekends also Addicted?
Weekend drug use can be, but need not be an addiction. This depends on how you define addiction. Anyway, the risk of starting an addiction is large even if you only use drugs during weekends.
Addiction - Description, Symptoms
Description of symptoms of addiction: Withdrawal, Tolerance, Rebound, etc.
When do Addictions Occur?
There are many different circumstances, often in combination, which cause addiction.
Who Use Drugs/Narcotics and Why?
Drug use is a choice of an individual.
Behavioral/Behavioural Therapy of Addiction/Substance Abuse
Behavioural therapy is a therapy that is conducted by a therapist who has been trained for this. This therapy is based on the notion that certain behaviour (like an addiction) starts by rewarding this behaviour, and that it is reduced by punishment.
Bad Effects of Pot: Cannabis Caused Psychosis
Cannabis can cause a psychosis for some people.
Heroin/Opiate Detox - Rapid Heroin/Opiate Detoxification under Anesthesia
Yes, a combination of anesthetic in the beginning and switching to Naltrexone can help to get rid of heroin dependence.
Heroin Addiction Effects: Physical Dependence and Tolerance Development
Heroin easily causes physical dependence and tolerance.
What does a Heroin User Feel?
Description of how the body changes in ways you feel when you take heroin.
Risks of Using Heroin?
There are lots of risks with using heroin, and some of them are listed here.
To Stop Using Heroin is Hard, Heavy Withdrawal Symptoms
It is hard to stopp using heroin, with heavy withdrawal symptoms for 7-10 days. Methadone can replace heroin and allow a better life than using heroin, but methadone is itself an opiate. Some people first switch to methadone, then gradually reduce the amount to finally get rid of their addiction.
Treatment of Heroin Addicts/Abusers
A description of several different methods of treating heroin addiction.
Dealing with Someone who Uses Heroin/A Heroin Abuser/A Heroin Addict
You should help a heroin user/addict, but you must draw the line somewhere.
What is Heroin?
Basic facts about heroin and how it is produced.
Become Addicted to the Internet; Internet Addiction
How can you become addicted to the internet? What is internet addiction?
Married to, Living with an Alcoholic or Addict
Living or having a close relationship with an alcoholic or a drug user causes difficulties as a consequence of their drinking. You must open your eyes to this and find solutions for yourself and any children to have a life of your own.
Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcohol, Narcotics and other Addictions
Addiction; A collection of articles about substance abuse and other addictive disorders.
Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcohol, Narcotics and other Addictions
Addiction; A collection of articles about substance abuse and other addictive disorders.
Medication Support in a Sex Addiction Treatment?
Sometimes medication can support the treatment of a sex addiction, but always consult with a doctor or therapist first.
Sex Addiction Treatment and Masturbation Addiction Treatment
List of actions in the treatment of sex addiction.
Sex Addiction
Ten characteristics that can indicate sex addiction.
Nicotine Addiction Test
Test wher you answer a few simple questions to find out how strong your nicotine addiction is.
Calming Effects of Tobacco/Nicotine; Calming, Stimulating
Tobacco is a stimulating substance, although many smokers will say it has a calming effect on them. However, this calming effect is not a characteristic of tobacco.
Nicotine Effects on the Body, Effects of Cigarettes
Smoking has all the effects of other addictive drugs.
People who Quit Smoking and Start Again
Some of the ex-smokers have a hard time keeping up not smoking.
The Consequences/Effects of Smoking?
Tobacco smoke contains many dangerous substances.
Ways to Stop Smoking Cigarettes: Stopping Smoking at Once or Step by Step
Only a few smokers manage to smoke less each time and maintain this long enough to finally quit smoking at all.
What Happens when you Stop/Quit Smoking
Stopping smoking has immediately visible good effects.
Smoking Quit Tips; Best Way to Quit Smoking
This page gives a number of useful smoking quit tips which will help you find the best way to quit smoking for you.
No Visible Damage from Smoking; Their Bodies are Still Suffering
The bodies of smokers are suffering even if you do not see it.
Drugs effect on society
Substance abuse (drug abuse) has as effect on society: Poorer lives, disease and crime.
Drugs effect on society
Substance abuse (drug abuse) has as effect on society: Poorer lives, disease and crime.
What to Do Before your Child Starts Experimenting with Drugs
Do not avoid talking to your children about drugs.
Drug addiction help: How To Get Off Narcotics, Sedatives, Drugs?
If you have used addictive substances for a long time, it is best to stop in consultation with your doctor.
Compulsive Gambling Self Help
Factors in gambling addiction self-help are to set clear goals, understanding why you gamble and to have support from other people.
Alcoholism and drug addiction treatment methods and centers
A collection of articles about methods for the treatment of alcoholism (alcohol addiction), drug and narcotics addiction.
Define Relapse, Rebound, Abstinence, Withdrawal, Addiction, Tolerance and Adaptation
The terms relapse, rebound, abstinence, withdrawal, addiction, tolerance and adaptation describe different aspects of how addiction to habit-forming drugs works.
Narcotics use in different countries
Narcotics are mostly used in North America and some European and South American Counrties including Russia.
Is XTC Addictive?
XTC has no withdrawal effects, but requires increasing dosage with time to get the same effect.
How Dangerous are XTC (Extacy, Exstacy) Pills?
Pills sold as XTC often do not contain XTC. There is a risk for using the wrong dosage, because of this. Not knowing what you are really using can be dangerous.
Dealing with Someone Using XTC
Try to calm the XTC user down in a cool and quiet room.
Dealing with the Fear that Can Occur when Using XTC
The fear induced by XTC use is mostly fear of the fear itself.
XTC Effects: What does an XTC (Extacy, MDMA) User Feel?
An XTC user is stimulated both physically and mentally. XTC has the ability to suppress exhaustion, which doesn't mean that the fatigue is gone but that it is only masked.
Can you see if someone uses XTC/Extacy?
Other drugs can have the same effect as XTC. In urine, Extacy/XTC can be detected for up to 72 hours, in hair samples for as long as your hair grows.
Testing for XTC
Yes, there are tests for XTC.
Description of XTC (Extacy, Exstacy, MDMA) Pills
The active ingredient in XTC, MDMA, stimulates and also has a hallucinogenic effect.

adhd - ADHD, Damp

What is the Difference between ADD and ADHD?
ADHD is the term used in the current DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria. ADD with or without hyperactivity is the older term from the DSM-IIIR.
ADHD in Adults - Adult ADHD
Treatment of ADHD in adults requires a combination of several approaches; exercises might be included, but other methods of treatment are usually also needed.
Treatment of Adult ADHD; Adult ADHD Treatment
ADHD can be a severe problem also for adults. Adult ADHD treatment needs to be adjusted for each patient, but can include psychotherapy and medicines.
ADHD in Children, Child or Teens ADHD, Age of Onset
The official definition of ADHD says that the symptoms must start before 7 years of age, but some ADHD only starts with puberty or when the child grows older and more demands are put on them. Especially the inattentive mode of ADHD in girls is sometimes not recognized until in their teens.
All about ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
All the answers on ADHD copied together into a single large document.
Treating ADHD with Atomoxetine (Strattera)
What is Strattera (atomoxetine)? What are the advantages and disadvantages (side effects) of taking Strattera to treat ADHD (in children, adolescents and adults)?
ADHD and Consistent Consequences
How can I change the behaviour of my child with ADHD? What are the basic principles of behaviour modification?
ADHD and Bedwetting
Studies have found that children with ADHD are more likely to suffer from bedwetting and poor bowel control than children without ADHD.
ADHD - Behavioural Modification
Behavioural Modification and psychotherapeutic approaches for the treatment of ADHD.
ADHD and Frontal Lobe Dysfunction
Is ADHD caused by frontal lobe dysfunction? What is the influence of frontal lobe dysfunction? What are executive functions?
Sugar and Hyperactivity
Too much sugar might have some hyperactivity effect for a very short time but cannot influence the outcome of ADHD.
ADHD Symptoms: Obesity
It has been found that adults treated for obesity who also had ADHD have more problems loosing weight. 27.4% of all patients with obesity also had ADHD.
ADHD ADD - Alternative Therapies and the Doctor
It is important to inform your doctor of all alternative therapies going on for the patient with ADHD and ADD.
Concerta Twice a Day?
Concerta has a long-term effect and should only be taken in the morning, otherwise you may have trouble sleeping.
Differences between ADHD and DAMP
DAMP and ADHD are related diagnoses. The main difference is that DAMP also includes deficits in perception and motor control.
ADHD and ADD - Inattentive ADHD Type
A child can have ADHD without symptoms of hyperactivity. Children with mainly the inattentive type of ADHD tend to daydream and have difficulty focusing. ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) with or without hyperactivity is the older term for ADHD.
ADHD Symptoms ADHD Diagnosis - Diagnostic Criteria of ADHD
To meet the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, a certain combination of symptoms is required.
ADHD Lab Tests
Are there any physical tests to make the diagnosis of ADHD?
Feingold ADHD Diet
The Feingold ADHD diet is difficult to adhere to and there is no proof that it helps.
ADHD - Domains of Impairment
What kind of impairment is necessary to use psychostimulants for ADHD treatment
ADHD and Genetics
ADHD and genetics: How probable will ADHD be inherited on children
ADHD Impulsiveness
Why are ADHD children so impulsive?
ADHD Symptoms: Resistance to Change
ADHD victims have problems in adjusting to new situations. They require stable environments.
There is little evidence that lecithin has any therapeutic value.
Tips to Manage Life with ADHD Children
Some simple ways to make life with ADHD children work better.
Age at which to Start Child ADHD Treatment with Medicines
What should parents know before starting psychostimulant therapy for ADHD?
ADD/ADHD drugs: Medicine for ADHD
While stimulants (methylphenidate, amphetamine, dexamphetamine) are the treatment of choice, methylphenidate is the most commonly used medication for the psychopharmacotherapy of ADHD. However, even some antidepressant medication have shown positive effects for the treatment of ADHD.
ADHD medicines (Ritalin, Concerta) and pregnancy; non-medical ADHD treatment
Most doctors would caution against using ADHD medicines (Ritalin, Ritalina, Concerta) when you are pregnant. An alternative, non-medicine treatment might be EEG-Feedback.
What is ADHD? ADHD Symptoms and ADHD treatment
List of articles about what is ADHD, ADHD symptoms and treatment, ADD and DAMP.
ADHD Kids and Common Myths: Ritalin - Are Parents Doping their Children?
It is not true that Ritalin is only an attempt to dope up problem children. Controlled medical studies show that Ritalin helps these children.
Negative Self-Esteem of ADHD Children ; Teenager Self-Esteem
These children have problems to integrate in groups and are very prone to be excluded from common social activities. Usually they have to go through years of failure at school and rejections before someone thinks about a possible diagnosis of ADHD.
Adhd and Pathologic Gambling
ADHD patients are prone to a variety of other impulse control disorders. Some experts of gambling addiction report a very high co-occurrence of ADHD and pathologic gambling and say that up to 20% of the patients with gambling addiction show traits of ADHD.
Causes of ADHD
What are the causes of ADHD?
ADHD - Persistence of Symptoms
To make the diagnosis of ADHD symptoms must have persisted for at least six months.
Advantages of ADHD
People with ADHD can be more creative, intuitive, flexible and warmhearted than other people.
ADHD a Real Disorder
Discussion of the claim by some non-experts that ADHD is not a real disorder.
Psychostimulants and Driving a Car
You can drive a car even if you take Ritalin. However, you must have a prescription of the psychostimulants from your doctor.
How Ritalin, Ritalina, Concerta helps ADHD Patients; Brain Effects of Ritalin/Concerta
Ritalina stimulates a neurotransmitter called dopamine in certain areas of the brain, causing the person to feel calmer and more concentrated.
ADHD Dysphoria and Psychostimulant (Concerta, Ritalin) Medication
Dysphoria and irritability can occur when people use psychostimulant medications.
ADHD or Sleep Deprivation?
Too little sleep and ADHD can give similar symptoms. How many hours of sleep does an average person need?
What Happens, if You Immediately Quit Taking Stimulating Medicines (Ritalin, Concerta)
What happens, if I immediately quit my Ritalin medication? Is it possible to stop taking a stimulating medicine that fast or does it result in withdrawal symptoms?
Other psychostimujlatic drugs with ADD?
Who has experience with Captacon for ADHD? Can Modafinil (Vigil) be used for ADHD treatment?
Human Growth and Development in ADHD Children
Human growth and development in ADHD children receiving treatment with psychostimulants.
Concerta, Methylphenidate, Ritalin Side Effects
For most patients, Ritalin side effects are mild and stop after a short period of use.
Toxic Effects of Psychostimulants
Stimulants prescribed for ADHD very rarely have toxic effects.
Stimulants and Sleeping Problems
Psychostimulants for ADHD can give sleeping problems for some people, but paradoxially can help sleep for other people using them.
Is Ritalin - Concerta - Adderall and other Medications for ADHD Good Treatment or is there a Risk for Abuse?
What are the effects of psychostimulants in the pharmacotherapy of ADHD?
Atomoxetine (Strattera), and how can it be used as a medicine for ADHD
What is atomoxetine (Strattera)
ADHD and Problems Talking, Speaking, Stuttering
In a few cases, ADHD is connected to speaking problems. There is unfortunately no known good cure for this problem.
Messie Syndrome - Chronic Disorganisation
Messies are people with large difficulties in planning and organizing their time.
Distracting, Interrupting, Disturbing, Annoying People with ADHD
What is distractibility of ADHD children.
ADHD Change of Symptoms
Do children eventually "outgrow" ADHD?
ADHD in Toddlers
Excessive crying and other symptoms for a toddler might be traits of ADHD. However, this link is not reliable.
Symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and their Variation in Different Situations
ADHD patients have more difficulty coping with situations involving many people and in other ways stressful.
ADHD Diet, Natural Medicine for ADHD and other Controversial Therapies for ADHD
What are alternative therapy approaches for ADHD? Is there a natural alternative therapy for ADHD?
Tomatis music CD therapy for ADHD?
There is little proof that Tomatis music therapy of ADHD works.
Tracking Conversations
If you have big problems with listening to and keeping track of conversations you should try to find out what might contribute to your problem. For example, some people have severe problems in group settings due to social anxiety or fears.
Long Term ADHD Treatment
ADHD children should be treated to maximize their opportunities, accepting their problems.
ADHD - Alternative Treatment with Zink?
Zink may have an effect for a minority of children with ADHD.
ADHD in Adult Women, ADHD in Girls - Experiences
Experiences of women with ADHD and special symptomatology of ADHD in girls and women

anx - Anxiety

How does a Panic Disorder Begin? Cause of the Onset of Panic Attacks
Panic attacks of a panic disorder with or without Agoraphobia usually have their onset in the early adult age. It often takes many years before the patient gets effective treatment.
Fear of Open Places or Closed Places - Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia
Agoraphobia is fear and anxiety in certain places, such as open places, elevators, crowds, underground, etc.
Kleptomania - An Unhealthy Need to Steal and Pilfer
A kleptomaniac is driven by anxiety, not by a need to earn money. Treatment involves finding other ways to handling the anxiety.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Panic Disorder
Cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) is a very often used psychotherapy for anxiety disorder. Today it is considered to be a first-line treatment of panic disorder.
Chinese Food Syndrome - Glutamate - Ephedra
Chinese food often contains glutamate, a neuro-transmitter which can cause panic attacks.
Anxiety Disorders and Classification
Anxiety disorders are classified as phobic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, and stress disorders.
Alternative or Complimentary Therapy for Anxiety Disorders
An alternative therapy is one that is used instead of a conventional or mainstream therapy. When used in combination with mainstream therapy, it is called a complimentary therapy.
Diagnosis of Panic Disorder, Anxiety Symptoms
Criteria for the diagnosis of panic disorders are repeated panic attacks, and concern and worry about them.
Incidence of Panic and Anxiety Disorder
Between 2 % and 10 % of a general population have panic and anxiety disorders.
Afraid of being Rejected; Afraid He Does Not Like Me
You cannot live being afraid. People who are more daring get more out of life.
Avoidance and Anticipatory Anxiety
Avoidance and Anticipatory Anxiety caused by Panic Disorders.
Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks
I am feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately. Do I have an anxiety disorder?
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) - Constant Worry and Anxiety
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterized by a persistent, uncontrollable worry and anxiety, concerning many aspects of life. There is effective treatment, for example gestalt therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy.
Am I going Mad? ; Severe Anxiety Attack
People who have strong anxiety attacks may feel as if they are going mad, but this is usually not an indication that you are going mad.
How to Recognize Suppressed Feelings
A simple method which will not only stop an anxiety attack but also prevent future attacks. Also helps with many other behaviours which are caused by supression of your inner feelings.
Herbal Medicine for Anxiety Disorders
Herbal medicines can help with anxiety if combined with changing to a less stressful lifestyle. Some herbal medicines, however, can be dangerous.
Hypochondria disorder - the Fear of Diseases, Anxiety Concerning the Health
Hypochondria refers to the strong fear of suffering from any serious diseases. Behavior therapy can help.
Biological Causes of Shyness and Anxiety
Some researchers think that specific brain areas called amygdala have a special role for traits of shyness and anxiety disorders.
Articles about Anxiety, Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks
A collection of articles about anxiety, anxiety attacks and panic attacks.
Night Terrors in Children or Nightmares?
Night terror disorder manifests itself in periods of extreme terror and loud screaming during the night. Night terrors are different from ordinary nightmares and occur mainly in children of preschool age. The attacks in themselves are harmless and do not usually require treatment.
Obessive Compulsive Personality Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder are two different psychological traits.
Parents Helping Children with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) who are also Developmentally Disabled (Mentally Retarded)
Parents can learn behavioural therapy methods in order to better help developmental disabled children with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - Definition, Diagnosis
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by recurrent obsessional or compulsive acts, thoughts you cannot resist, even though you understand that you really do not want them.
Articles and FAQs about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
A list of FAQ articles about OCD, its causes, symptoms and treatment.
OCD - Clinical Diagnosis often Missed
Many people with OCD do not get the correct diagnosis.
Age of Onset of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
At what age does ocd start?
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder caused by bacterial infection
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can in some cases be caused by a bacterial infection.
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) - Quality of Life
What is the quality of life for patients with OCD?
Tourette´s Syndrome and other Obsessive-Compulsive Associated Disorders
A broad spectrum of diseases are associated with OCD. Muscle twitches and Tourette´s syndrome are some of them. Tourette´s syndrome can be treated by brain surgery.
Screening test for Anxiety and Depression
Is there an online test for anxiety disorders or depression?
Panic Disorder; Panic Attack Symptoms
Frequent and distressing panic which interferes with daily living.
Panic Attack Symptoms; Anxiety Attack Symptoms - Start and Development
Most panic/anxiety attack symptoms begin during adolescence or below 30 years of age, and continue, if untreated, for many years, but with reduced symptoms with age.
Nocturnal Panic Attacks; Anxiety Attacks at Night
50 % of people with panic attacks have them also at night, but only 10 % of all panic attacks occur at night. Such attacks are not caused by dreams.
Self Treatment for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder
Yes, you can learn to handle panic attacks on your own.
Phobias and Overcoming Phobias
An overview about diagnosis, causes and treatment of phobias.
Prevalence of Anxiety Disorders in Adult Population
Between two and ten percent of all people suffer from anxiety disorders.
Prevention of Panic Attacks
Good and bad methods of preventing panic/anxiety attacks.
Symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), Effects of Violence
A list of possible symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Picking your Nose all the Time Habits
How to treat problems with picking your nose too much and other undesirable habits.
Diary of Anxiety Symptoms / Panic Attacs
Self-monitoring of symptoms of the anxiety disorder is one of the most important steps in cognitive-behavioural therapy of anxiety disorders.
Panic Disorders: Situations and Causes of Panic Attacks
Panic attacks mostly occur at home, rather than in the special situations which the person fears.
All about Overcoming Shyness, Social Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia
A collection of articles about shyness, social phobia and social anxiety and how to overcome it.
Fear of Public Speaking; Speech Anxiety
Speech anxiety is defined as an abnormal distress when you have to talk to a large group of people.
Anxiety Attack Symptoms and Causes
Symptoms of panic attacks can be sweat, chills, flush, tremor, nausea ants, tingles, dizziness, fear, etc.
Therapeutic Alliance for the Treatment of Panic Disorders
Description of important items in the psychotherapy of panic attacks.
Panic Attack Treatment, Panic Attack Medication, Anxiety Treatment
A collection of articles about the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.
Treatment of Panic Disorder; Tips for Panic Attacks
A good treatment for panic disorder may be a combination of psychotherapy and drugs.

bio - Psychopharmacology, Drugs, Biological Treatment

Alprazolam (Xanax, Xanor) - Contraindications
Who should not take alprazolam?
Alprazolam (Xanax, Xanor) - Counteractions
Be careful with other sedatives and sleeping pills together with benzodiasepims.
Alprazolam (Xanax, Xanor) - Description
Alprazolam is a strong and fast acting tranquillizer, with large risk for dependence forming.
Alprazolam (Xanax, Xanor) - Doses
How should I take it? What happens if I miss a dose? What happens if I overdose?
Alprazolam (Xanax) - Important Information, Risks, Cautions
What is the most important information I should know about alprazolam (Xanax)?
Alprazolam (Xanax, Xanor) - Precautions
What should I avoid while taking Xanax?
Alprazolam (Xanax, Xanor) - Side Effects
What are the side effects of alprazolam?
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) - Contraindications
Who should not take Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip)? What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking amitriptyline?
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) - Counteractions
What other drugs will affect amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip)?
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) Non-Addictive Medicine for Insomnia and Depression
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) is an anti-depressive medicine, which also helps against insomnia. It is not addictive as many other insomnia medicines.
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) - Doses
How should I take Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip)? What happens if I miss a dose? What happens if I overdose?
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) - Important Information, Precautions
Amitriptyline (Elavil / Saroten / Endep / Vanatrip) can cause dizziness and problems when driving or handling dangerous machines. Use caution together with alcohol. Effect may take four weeks to show. Do not stop abruptly without talking to your doctor.
Amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip) - Side Effects
What are the possible side effects of amitriptyline (Elavil/Saroten/Endep/Vanatrip)?
Benzodiazepine Dependence
Addiction to benzodiazepines is common and occurs for many users after a couple of weeks or months. The patient may have a need to increase the dosage, and if they do, and then quit, they can have severe withdrawal symptoms.
Benzodiazepines : Adverse Effects of Benzodiazepines in the Elderly
What is the effect of benzodiazepines in elderly people?
Articles about Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Oxazepam, Rohypnol, etc.)
A directory of several articles about benzodiazepines psychiatric drugs (Alprazolam, Ambien, Anxon, Apodorm, Apzepam, Ativanbenzodiasepines
Benzodiazepines (Valium, Sobril, Xanax, Xanor, Mogadon, Rohypnol, etc.) Half Life (Duration of effect)
A detailed overview of different benzodizepines, showing the potency and half-life of each of them. Some of them have a very long duration of effects, because they have an active metabolite which also has the same effect.
Adverse Effects of Benzodiazepines
drowsiness, poor concentration, incoordination, muscle weakness, dizziness, mental confusion, memory impairment, depression, stimulated instead of calmed and inability to feel pain and pleasure are common side effects of benzodiazepines.
Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanor, Xanax, etc.) Addiction Through Tolerance with Regular Use
With regular use of benzodiasepines, the body adjusts so that the effect is more or less removed, and so that temporary withdrawal symptoms will occur when stopping to use these medicines.
Therapeutic Use of and Side Effects of Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, Ativan, etc.)
What is the clinical use of benzodiazepines?
Biperiden (Akineton) - Contraindications
Describes patients who should not take biperidon or should take it in reduced doses.
Other drugs, which can cause problems if taken at the same time as biperiden.
Biperiden is used to control spasms caused by Parkinson's disease and other causes.
How and how often Biperiden is to be taken.
Biperiden - Important Information and Precautions
Biperiden can negatively influence driving a car and use together with alcohol can cause problems.
Biperiden - Side-effects
A number of problems such as dry mouth and drowsiness can be caused by biperiden.
How the Human Brain Works?
The human brain works by activating cognitive modules. Both intelligent actions and inappropriate reactions are caused by good or bad cognitive modules.
Buspirone (Buspar) for Anxiety Disorders
Buspirone is an antianxiety agent which has a different mechanism than usually benzodiazepines or anxiolytic drugs
Carbamazepine -- Contraindications
Patients with certain known problems should avoid carbamazepine without discussing this with their doctor.
Carbamazepine -- Counteractions
How carbamazepine can affect effect of other drugs.
Carbamazepine -- Description
What is carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Epitol, Tegretol) ?
Dosage of Carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Epitol, Teregeto, Trimonil, Hermolepsin)
Dosage and risks with overdosing of Carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Epiotl, Tegretol, Trimonil, Hermolepsin).
Carbamazepine -- Important Information
Carbamazepine can cause dizziness, which may be a risk when driving a car. It can, but very seldom, cause a kind of blood illness. It should not be taken together with alcohol and can reduce the effect of certain kinds of birth control pills.
Carbamazepine -- Precautions
What you should not do when you have taken a drug containing carbamazepine.
Carbamazepine -- Side-effects
List of a number of possible side effects of drugs containing carbamazepine.
Citalopram (Celexa, Seropram, Cipramil) - Contraindications
When not to take citalopram.
Citalopram (Celexa, Seropram, Cipramil) - Counteractions
Cautions when combining citalopram with other drugs.
Citalopram (Celexa, Seropram, Cipramil) - Description
Citalopram is in a class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
Citalopram (Celexa, Seropram) - Doses
How much Citalopram to take.
Citalopram - Important Information, Precautions
It may take several weeks for you to start feeling better. Use caution when driving, operating machinery, or performing other hazardous activities.
Citalopram (Celexa, Seropram, Cipramil) - Side-effects
Description of side effects of Citalopram (Celexa, Seropram, Cipramil)
Clomipramine -- Contraindications
What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking clomipramine (Anafranil)?
Clomipramine (Anafranil) -- Counterreactions
How Clomipramine may interact with other drugs taken by the patient.
Clomipramine -- Description
Clomipramin belongs to the category of tri-cyclic antidepressive medicines. It is used for the treatment of depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
Clomipramine -- Doses
How should I take clomipramine (Anafranil)? What happens if I miss a dose? What happens if I overdose?
Clomipramine -- Important Information
What is the most important information I should know about clomipramine (Anafranil)?
Clomipramine -- Precautions
What should I avoid while taking clomipramine (Anafranil)?
Klomipramine (Anafranil) - Side-effects
Clomipramin can cause tiredness, dissiness, dry mouth, dry eyes, constipation, sweating, agitation, headache, weight loss and other side effects.
Contraceptive Pills and Lithium
Could I use the pill while taking a lithium therapy?
Slang/Street Names for Heroin, Cocaine and other Narcotics
A long list of different slang terms for various narcotic drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc.
Psychiatric Prescription Drugs (Antidepressants, Sedatives, Tranquilizers, Benzodiazepines) ; Links
List of links to descriptions of different psychiatric prescription drugs.
Long time use of opiates caused mental dumbness
A study of patients receiving long time use of opiates (methadone, morphine, etc.) reports that a common side effect is a mental dumbness.
Suicide Risks with Certain Medicines
Antieleptic and antidepressant medicines can have a small risk of suicide or suicidal thoughts, and patients and families of patients should be aware of this risk and contact health providers if such tendencies occur.
Tricyclic Anti-Depressant Brand Names
Under which brand naes are tricyclic anti-depressants marketed?
Effexor (venlafaxine) side effects and withdrawal problems
Effexor can have many side effects and long-time withdrawal symptoms if you stop using it. The most common side effects and withdrawal symptoms are described here.
Withdrawal Symptoms when Stopping using Escitalopram (Lexapro, Cipralex):
Withdrawal from Escitalopram (Lexapro, Cipralex) can cause depression, dizziness, lability and other problem. Withdrawing with a stepwise reduced dosage can reduce the withdrawal effects.
Escitalopram (Lexapro, Cipralex)
Escitalopram is a new version of Celexa (Citalopram), which might give less side effects and more desirable effects.
The Future of Homo Sapiens, the Future of Human Evolution
Reference to an article discussing whether humanity is evolving, and if so how.
Somatic (Physical) Psychological Aspects of Psychology and Psychiatry; List of Articles
List of links to answers about somatic aspects of psychic disorder.
Weight Gain and Mood Stabilizers like Prozac and other SSRI drugs and Lithium
There is a risk of weight gain with some (not all) SSRI medicines and Lithium.
Medication/Drugs to Stop/Fight Drug Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Cocaine Addiction, Alcoholism and Self-Harm Behavior
Naltrexone (Revia, Trexan) is a medicine used against drug addiction, alcoholism and self-harm.
Appetite Suppressant Drugs of the 20th Century
Phentermine and similar weight loss drugs, pros and cons.
SSRI medicines like Prozac: Sexual Side Effects
Many men have ejaculation problems after taking SSRI medicine. Also women can get orgasm problems from these medicines. Switch to another SSRI medicine might help in some cases.
SSRI Antidepressants ; SSRIs ; Depression and OCD Medication
SSRIs stabilizes the mood and reduces compulsive thought patterns.
Valium, Xanax Symptoms of Addiction Withdrawal
Why should you come off Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Rohypnol, etc.)? What are the withdrawal symptoms?

bipolar - Depression, Bipolar Disorder

Childhood Abuse and Adult Depression
Many studies showed a strong relation between molestation in childhood and severe psychological problems in later life.
Adjustment Disorders
Depression, as we all know it, may be follows a major disappointment such as failing to pass an examination or to secure a promotion.
Depression in Adolescents; Teen Depression; Teenage Depression
Is it possible to suffer from depression in adolescence?
Mood disorders
Mood disorders are those disorders that have a disturbance in mood (ups and downs) as their predominant feature.
Age when depression performs
Depressions arise most often in 30-årsåldern and only 10% of all depressions arises the first time after 60 years' age.
Depression and Alcohol Abuse
What is the relationship between depression and alcohol abuse?
Lexapro, Prozac, Fontex, Celexa, Paxil Weight Gain
If you have problems with SSRI weight gain, switching to another SSRI type may help.
Depression and Anxiety
Anxiety is a common symptom of depressive illness as well as of other disorders. It can be shown by both psychological and bodily symptoms.There is not always a connection beteen depression and anxiety.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Burnt out and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) tend to indicate that there is no help, but experts nowadays regard this as a temporary and treatable condition.
Depression and Positive Activities
Activities and depression (cognitive behavioural therapy of depression)
Cognitive behavioural therapy of Depression
What is cognitive behavioural therapy of depression?
Depression in Children; Children and Depression; Sad Children
Depressions are rather rare in children, and usually are caused by traumatic events such as bereavment or stress in school.
Children and adolescents with bipolar disorder
Can children and/or adolescents suffer from bipolar disorder? Do they have the same symptoms as adults have?
Classification of Depression
An overview of different variants of depression.
Alternative and Complementary Therapies for Depression - What Works?
Complementary/alternative/non-conventional therapies for depression - what works?
The course of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar Disorder: Episodes of mania and depression, interspersed with normal periods.
Causes of Depression: Possible Triggers of Depression?
What are possible triggers for a depressive disorder?
The Blues
25-85 % of all women have a mild form of depression after childbirth.
Recurrent Brief Depression
Is it possible to have depression for just a few days? Or once in one´s life?
What is pseudo-dementia? What is dementia and what are the differences?
Agitated Depression in the Elderly
Is it possible for depression in older people to appear with agitation, insomnia?
Anxiety and Depression in the Elderly
Is it possible to see anxiety symptoms such as worrying, fearfulness etc in depressed older people?
Causes of Depression in Old People; Elderly Depression
What are the causes of depression in the elderly? Why is depression more common for old people?
Depression Secondary to Dementia
Is it possible for dementia to cause depression? Why?
Masked Depression
Is it possible to have depressed elderly patients who do not appear to be distressed?
Prognosis and Treatment of Depression in the Elderly
Is depression easily treated in older patients?
Depressive Episode
According to ICD-10, a depressive episode is defined as a period of at least two weeks with depressive symptoms.
Help Depressed Person ; Bring me to Life
What must I do to help someone who is depressed? How should I behave with someone depressed?
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors - Effects
When are MAOIs used?
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) - How They Work
How do MAO inhibitors work?
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors - Precautions
What must I know and think about when I take/prescribe MAOIs?
Monoamine oxidase inhibitors - Side-effects
Do MAOIs have side-effects and which?
Other Antidepressants - Nefazodone
What is nefazodone? How does it work? What are its side effects?
Other Antidepressants - Venlafaxine
Venlaxafine is an antidepressive which combines serorotin inhibition with nonadrenalin reuptake inhibition. It has less side effects than some other antidepressive medicines. Warning, however, that you can have serious side effects for several months when you quit using it.
Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors - Effects
When do SSRIs work? When are they used?
Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors - How They Work
SSRIs stabilizes the neurotransmitter serotonin, and reduces dominating but troublesome thoughts.
Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors - Precautions
What must I know and think about when I take/prescribe SSRIs?
SSRI (Prosac, Cipramil, Seropram) Side Effects
SSRIs can cause increased anxiety, sleeping problems, sexual problems, nausea, diarrhea. The SSRI side effects often disappear after a period of usage.
Tricyclic Antidepressants - Effects and Contra-Indications
When are tricyclic antidepressants used and why? When are they not?
Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs) - How they Work
What are the tricyclic antidepressants? How do they work?
Precautions for Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)
Precautions for tricyclic anti- depressants: Do not start with full dose immediately. The effect may not show until after 4-8 weeks. They should not be taken together with certain heart medications like digoxin and certain medications used to treat seizures such as phenytoin.
Tricyclic Antidepressants - Side-Effects
Trycyclics can cause stomach upset, constipation, dry mouth, blurred vision, drowsiness,lowered blood pressure (fainting), weight gain, tremors, sweating, problems urinating, problems having orgasm, confusion in elderly people, cardiac problems.
Menopause Mood Disorders
What do we know about mood disorders after menopause?
Criteria for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) - Psychological Problems before Girls Period
What are the DSM-IV criteria for PMDD? What are the symptoms of PMDD?
Diagnosis of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) - Irritability and Tension before Girls Period
Irritability, tenseness, mood swings in the days before a girls period.
PMS Treatment Prevention Relief ; Treatment of Premenstrual Dysphoric Syndrome (PMDD)
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder can be treated with stress management exercises, SSRI medication or in extreme cases surgery.
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) - Irritability before Girls Period
With PMDD is meant irritability and mood swings for women before menstruation.
Causes of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
The causes of PMS and PMDD are largely unknown. Some therories are presented here.
Symptoms of PMS; PMS Prevention Relief
What are the symptoms of PMS?
Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Physical and Psychologial Symptoms before Girls Period
Lots of different symptoms before menstruation (girls period).
Cause of Post-Natal Depression, Depression after Childbirth
Why are women prone to depression at and just after pregnancy?
Risk Factors for Post-Natal Depression
Which women are more likely to suffer from postpartum depression?
Post-Natal or Postpartum Depression (PPD)
10-20% of all women are depressed after childbirth.
Depressive Symptoms During Pregnancy
What do we know about depressive symptoms during pregnancy?
Frequency of Mood Disorders Associated with Pregnancy
How common are mood disorders associated with childbearing?
Postpartum or Puerperal Psychosis
About one in a thousand women get psychosis in the immediate months after childbirth.
Mood Disorders Associated with Childbearing
What kind of mood disorders happen during/after pregnancy?
When to Ask for Professional Help
If someone is feeling depressed should they refer to professionals? I am feeling down must I see a doctor?
Helping yourself through depression
A list of things you can do to overcome your depression and achieve satisfaction and harmony with life.
Prevalence of Suicidal Thoughts; Statistics on Suicide
More than 50 % of all people are considering suicide at some time during their life. Statistics of suicide show that there are 5000 suicides each year in the United Kingdom.
How to Respond to Expressions of Suicidal Intent ; Suicide Prevention; Suicide Facts
Suicide facts and prevention: How to help prevent a person, who thinks about suicide, from doing it.
Teenage Suicide - Risk, Causes
Causes of teenage suicide , list of risk factors.
Statistical Risk Factors for Suicide
Suicide risk is higher for men, for older people, for people recently ill, and for excessive alcohol users.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
An overview of how cognitive behaviour therapy is used in the treatment of depression.
Techniques of Psychotherapy
How is psychotherapy done? Are there different techniques?
Treatment of Psychotic Depression
How is psychotic depression treated? Is the treatment of psychotic depression different than that of other forms of depression?
Psychotherapy in Depression
Can psychotherapy help in depression? What is psychotherapy?
Treatments for Depression
How is depression treated? Is psychotherapy better than drugs? Which drugs are used and when?
Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teenagers
It can be difficult to recognize bipolar depression in children and teenagers, since other disorders can have similar symptoms.
Depression Symptom - How to Recognize Depression
A depressive episode may be diagnosed if 5 or more symptoms out of the list presented in the text below, last most of the day for a period of 2 weeks or longer.
Signs of Depression : Depressed? How to Diagnose Clinical Depression
A description of signs of depression and symptoms which might indicate that you are depressed
Dysthymic disorder : Chronic Depression and Dysthymia
Dysthymia = dysthmic disorder is a less severe form of depression.
Dysthymia is a depression which is lighter and less severe.
Frequency of Bipolar Disorder
About one percent of the population has bipolar disorder. It usually starts as a teenager or young adult.
GABA (Gamma-Amiobutyric Acid)
There is no study showing that GAB helps against depression, and since GABA does not pass the blood-brain barrier, it could not work.
Information on Depression - What is depression?
Symptoms and criteria of depression.
Bipolar Disorder - Manic Depression, Definition, Symptoms
Bipolar disorder or manic-depressive disorder is characterized by mood fluctuations.
Depression and HIV
What is known for depression combined with HIV?
Hypomania is a mild to moderate form of mania.
Statistics on depression among elderly people
About 10-25 % of elderly people show typical symptoms of depression. Such depression is often undiagnosed and untreated, since the symptoms are not as typical as in depression among younger people.
Bipolar Manic Depression versus Depression
Manic depression symptoms are in many ways a mirror image of depression. In contrast to depression symptoms, manic depression is characterized by periods during which the patients are delirious, expansive and confident in their ideas, and full of energy and enthusiasm.
Articles about Depression and Bipolar Disorder
Clinical depression, symptoms, causes and treatment of depressive disorder / major depression
Depression Cure: Natural Cures for Depression
A list of articles about non-drug natural depression cures.
News related to depression
Link to a news page about mood disorders.
Doctor to Patient: Why Patients May not Mention Their Depression or Other Psychical Problem
Some patients do not mention their depression to their doctor because of embarrassment or being afraid of the doctor.
Always Tired and other Physical symptoms of depression
Physical symptoms in depression can be signs such as tiredness, aches, pains, constipation, weight loss, etc.
Psychotic Depression
Psychotic depression is a rare variant of depression combined with bizarre and false beliefs.
Psychotic Symptoms in Bipolar Disorder
Hallucinations, delusions, etc.
Rapid Cycling
If changes between depressive and manic phases, in manic-depressive disturbances, arise very fast (within a few days) and leads to at least 4 disease episodes per year, this is called "rapid cycling".
Rehab for depression
Rehabilitation Clinic for multimodality treatment of depression in the context of rehabilitation of DRV in Bad Kosen
Depression with atypical physical symptoms
For some people depression has atypical symptoms: sleeping more, eating more, instead of the more common symptom of sleeping and eating too little.
Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For Depression
Is rTMS a useful therapy for depressive disorders?
Depression and Schizophrenia
Is it possible to suffer from depression together with schizophrenia? What is the relationship between depression and schizophrenia?
Seasonal Affective Disorder, Seasonal Affect Disorder
Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder which varies with the seasons.
Self-monitoring of Mood and Activities: Mood Diary for Depression
Self-monitoring through a mood diary can help depressed people understand their way of thinking.
Psychology Self Improvement - Coping with Grief and Depression
How to dive deep into your feelings in order to be able to handle them through psychology self improvement.
Shoplifting and Depression
Can shoplifting be associated with some mental disease?
Problems Talking to People
Gives suggestions on how a shy and timid person can get more contacts with other people.
Speech Anxiety - Problems Talking to Other People
Describes how you can learn to be able to talk to other people.
Somatic Syndrome
What is the somatic syndrome? When do we say that someone suffers from it?
SSRI Prozac, Lexapro Withdrawal
Antidepressants (SSRI, Paxil, Fontex, Prozac, Lexapro) should often be used for a long time, and reducing the dosage should only be done under supervision of a qualified psychiatrist.
SSRI and pregnancy : Is it safe to take antidepressants if I am pregnant?
There is limited results available on potential risks with antidepressants during pregnancy, but doctor's usually warn against it.
Attempted Suicide and Risk of Further Attempts
My boyfriend attempted suicide two months ago. What is the risk for further attempts?
Youth and Teen Suicide Statistics
A summary of the latest international suicide statistics, mainly for young suicide victims.
Attempted Suicide and its Treatment
My wife attemped suicide last week, what shall we do now?
The Effect of Depression on Body Rhythms
Can depression affect the body and how?
Symptoms of a Depressive Episode
List of symptoms of a depressive episode.
Symptoms of Bipolar (Manic-Depressive) Disorder
Dramatic swings between manic and depressive episodes.
Effects of Depression
Depression gives an effect on your daily routine. For example, depressed individuals may become slower and less productive at work and lack interest in their family and unable to enjoy their activities.
Symptoms of a Manic Episode
A manic episode is characterized by feeling high, euphoric, spending spree, having unrealistic expectations.
I´m Not Okay, Depression Hurts: The Effect of Depression on Thinking and Behaviour
Depressed people think in negative terms and tend to judge themselves harshly.
ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy, ECT Therapy)
What is the ECT (Electro Convulsive Treatment)? When is it used? Does it hurt? Is it safe?
Light Therapy for Depressions
Light therapy is particularly used with patients suffering from seasonal depressions.
Non-drug Self-Help Depression Treatment
How to stop depression by making your life more meaningful.
Types of Bipolar Disorder
Some people do not have the full mood swing of bipolar disorder.
Depression in women
Why is depression in women more common? Is it easier to cope with it?
Antidepressant medication for women
Gender influence on effect of antidepressant medication
Depression in Women and Postpartum Depression of Women (Depression after Giving Birth)
List of links to answers about depression in women, including depression after giving birth (postpartum depression).

border - Borderline

Affective Lability
Affective lability is quickly changing emotions.
Borderline Age of Patients
The highest rate of the borderline diagnosis is at ages between 19 and 34.
Antisocial Personality Disorder (Sociopath Definition)
How to diagnose Antisocial Personality Disorder: People with this disorder try to get their way without being considerate of others. They humiliate or harm other people. They do not possess any feeling or understanding for norms, nor have they a feeling of guilt.
Avoidant Personality Disorder
The diagnosis Avoidant Personality Disorder is used for people with a basic fear of beeing judged, shyness and constant social discomfort (embarassed, avoiding social situations), unwillingness to commit themselves to a relation.
Chronic Suicidality
About chronic suicidality of a patient with Borderline Personality Disorder.
Dependent Personality Disorder
People with Dependent Personality Disorder are not able to make day-to-day decisions. They ares afraid of being rejected or abandoned, and they put aside their own wishes and needs, while doing what others want.
Depersonalisation - Feeling Unreal, Strange
Depersonalisation is a psychological term for feeling unreal, strange or changed. This can happen to anyone when tired or intoxicated.
Symptoms Borderline Personality Disorder according to DSM IV
Borderline personality disorder can be characterized by instability, impulsivity, recklessness, explosiveness.
All or Nothing: Dichotomous Thinking
Dichothomous thinking is a tendency to only see extremes such as good or bad, black or white, all or nothing. It is a common symptom of borderline personality disorder.
BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) Environmental Influence
What are possible environmental influences as causes of Borderline Personality Disorders?
Histrionic Personality Disorder
The diagnosis of Histrionic Personality Disorder is used for people who show exaggerated emotional expressions and have an extremely strong longing for attention.
Ideals, Idealization (and Rejection)
What is idealization? Why do Borderline-patients idealize other persons? To switch between total idealization and total rejection.
What is the meaning of Irritability?
Articles about Personality Disorders
List of links to answers about borderline disorder (also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder) and other personality disorders. Borderline personality disorder can be characterized by instability, impulsivity, recklessness, explosiveness.
Obsessive-compulsive Personality Disorder
Obsessive compulsive personality disorder (which is not the same as obsessive compulsive disorder) is characterized by difficulty to perform work because of an obsession of making everything perfectly right.
Paranoid Personality Disorder
Suspicious, believes that other people will treat you wrongly, insists on own rights.
Definition of a Personality Disorder, List of Psychological Disorders
Short definition of a personality disorder: A personality disorder is a personality trait that is pervasive and intrusive and leads to distress and impairment.
Positive Areas of Your Life
How to increase positive activities in your life.
Borderline (Emotionally Unstable) Personality Prevalence - Statistics on the Frequency
Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), also known as emotionally unstable personality disorder, is not a rare disorder. It affects about 2 percent of the population.
Diagnosis: Schizoid Personality Disorder
A person with a schizoid personality disorder shows great social detachement and is restricted in emotional expressions. The person is indifferent to emotional expressions of others and is not interested in social relationships.
Diagnosis: Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Social and interpersonal deficits marked by acute discomfort with, and reduced capacity for, close relationships.
Teenagers Self-Cutting
Seven percent of teenagers harm themselves with knives or razor blades.
Test if you have a personality disorder
Link to an on-line test on personality disorders.
Pharmacotherapy of Borderline Disorder; Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment
SSRI may be a good pharmacotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. However, pharmacotherapy should be combined with professional psychotherapeutic help.

child - Children, Child Care, Child Raising

Articles on the Psychological Effects of Child Abuse
Web4Health medical experts provide articles on child abuse, its causes and effects, and related issues.
Causes of School Violence; Causes of Teen Violence
Biological causes of violent behaviour in children and adolescents.
Reactive Attachment Disorder, RAD, and Attachment
Attachment disorder is the inability to create and maintain intimate relationships due to pathological care during infancy.
Autism - Isolated in a World of Your Own, Autism Symptoms Checklist - Autism Treatment
Children with autism do not follow the typical patterns of child development. Many are incapable of understanding other people's thoughts, feelings, and needs. Furthermore, language and intelligence often fail to develop fully. Treatments methods are available to help improve their social, language, and academic skills.
Identification of autism early in childhood
What are typical symptoms of autism
Reading Bedtime Stories or Singing Songs for Children at Bedtime
Children respond to structure and routines.
Bedwetting and Other Inappropriate Urinating
Bedwetting problems and help. Why people sometimes urinate in inappropriate places.
Prevalence of Bullying
How many children are victims of bullying?
Bullying, Harassment
Bullying is aggression persistently directed against a particular target, or victim, typically one who is weak, vulnerable, and defenseless.
Chronic constipation
Information about cronic constipation and encopresis.
Child Abuse Statistics; Risk Increases with Age
The risk for sexual abuse increases with the age of the child.
Effects of Divorce on Children/Child; Divorce and New Families
Divorce and starting a new family is something that has an effect on everybody involved, and often the children suffer the most.
Encourage Your Child ; Stimulate Emotional and Social Child Development
A list of actions which will stimulate the development of self-esteem, social and emotional skills of children.
Consultation about Childraising
Where can I find help with problems about raising children? Where do I find consultation about problems with children and adolescents?
Brother Sister Relationship; Relationships between Siblings
Getting new babies can be problems for the older child. This article discusses how to handle such problems in the relationships between siblings, such as brother-sister relationship.
Imaginary Friends of Young Children
My son has an imaginary friend. He talks and plays with this "friend" and seems to live in an imaginary world. Is he going to become obsessive or psychotic?
Causes of Learning Disabilities and Dyslexia - Genetic and Biological
Learning disabilities and dyslexia are related to biological and genetic differences.
Children, Child Care, Parents, Parenting Issues and Tips, Bringing up Children
List of links to expert answers about psychological aspects of children and child care.
Maternal Depression and Risk for the Kids
Does a depressive disorder of a mother affect her children?
Difficult Teenagers and Children: What is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
Description of Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Children with Panic Attacks
Just like adults, children can have panic attacks. They are often associated with emotional stress, such as fear of separation.
Persistent Infant Crying
Persistent crying in young babies is one of the most common problems for parents to seek professional help.
PDD - Pervasive Developmental Disorders
A list of articles about PDD - Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
Autism symptoms Checklist, Aspergers Syndrome (PDD): Impairment of Child Development and Social Interaction
Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) refers to a group of disorders beginning in early childhood that cause severe impairment in social interaction and development of children.
Baby Blues
Why do some women get depressed after birth of a baby? What is postpartum depression? Why do I have "baby blues"?
Preventing Children from Sexual Abuse
How can I protect children and adolescents from sexual abusement?
Articles about Troubled Teenager, Problem Teenagers
List of articles about teenagers, troubled teenagers and problem teenagers.
Child Psychology; Children´s Development
A collection of articles about children, childrens' world and child psychology.
Learn to Say NO!
There are ways to learn how to say an assertive NO. A simple and direct "NO, I am not able to help you with that" is the best solution. If you add an explanation it should be kept simple.
School Phobia - School Refusal Treatment, Not Wanting to Go To School
School phobia is an anxiety disorder. Children refuse to go to school basically because of fears (fear of seperation, generalised fears) or depression. Refusal to go to school can be trated by a combination of psychotherapy, educational counseling and medication.
Elective Mutism (Selective Mutism): Our Child does not Speak Anymore ; Social Anxiety Disorder in Children
Children with Elective Mutism Disorder, can not or do not want to speak in certain situations, even though he or she is able to speak in other situations. It is related to social anxiety disorder (social phobia), and need to be treated by an experienced child psychiatrist.
Children´s Sexual Behaviour
Exploring sexual organs is natural for children. But since our culture does not allow this, you will have to set limits for what you allow your children to do.
Brother and Sister Sharing a Bedroom
Up to puberty if both children are comfortable with this.
Children, Stealing and Shoplifting
Children who steal. Shoplifting of children.
How and at Which Age Should a Child Stop Being Breastfed?
Different cultures have different ideas about how long to breast feed. If, however, you want to stop breast feeding, this answer gives some hints on how to achieve this.
Child Molestation Trauma
Typical reactions to trauma and psychological effects of child molestation may be different types of regressive behaviour, a change of social interaction, flashbacks or dissociative symptoms, etc.
Trichotillomania (Compulsive Hair Pulling, TTM) and Related Disorders
What are typical complications associated with trichotillomania (TTM)
Causes of Addiction and Eating Disorders
There are large similarities between eating disorders and drug addiction. Both disorders are methods of suppressing anxiety by stimulation of the reward center in the brain. References to more papers on this.
Suicide Help, Suicide Facts, Suicide Prevention Awareness
A collection of articles about suicide.
Treatment of Depression - Medication for depression / Psychotherapy
A collection of more than fifty articles about different methods for the treatment of depression (medication for depression, psychotherapy of depressive disorders).
Eating Disorders and Addictive Disorders ; Is Food Addiction Cause of Eating Disorder
List of links to information about eating disorders versus drug and alcohol abuse.
Drinkorexia is a combination of starvation during the day (anorexia) with partying and drinking in the night (alcohol abuse).
The History Of Anorexia Nervosa and other Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa has since the 1870s been a well-known disease for psychologists and other medical professionals. It took a long time for the general public to get aware of the disease and its processes. Today, the disease is relatively widespread around the Western world, caused by unnatural body ideals.
A Collection of articles about Anorexia - Causes Diagnosis Symptoms Treatment
A large collection of articles about anorexia nervosa, Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, etc.
Signs and Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa
Answers to many different questions about bulimia nervosa.
Can you have Bulimia Nervosa if you are Overweight?
Yes, you can have Bulimia Nervosa and be overweight. This will happen if you have all the symptoms of Bulimia, but do not get rid of the additional calories to a large enough extent to stay normalweight.
How many calories should I eat a day?
A web page, in which you can compute how many calories (kcal) your body needs per day and how many calories are needed for you to lose weight.

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Causes of Addiction and Eating Disorders
There are large similarities between eating disorders and drug addiction. Both disorders are methods of suppressing anxiety by stimulation of the reward center in the brain. References to more papers on this.
Is a Slim Woman More Popular?
Do false ideals of beauty lie behind most eating disorders? Is a slim woman more popular and beautiful?
Sugar Addiction and Fast Food Addiction is similar to Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Eating disorders, binge eating, bulimia and often obesity are addictive disorders similar to alcohol and drug abuse. Psychotherapy can help people with these disorders.
Start of Compulsive Eating Attacks
Describes the conditions in which a compulsive eating attack starts.
Factors Causing Ill-Health in our Culture: Normal Girls Pressed to Be Abnormally Slim
Contradictory signals in our culture causes ill-health in teenagers.
Cultural Background of Teen Eating Disorders
4-5 % of teen girls suffer from eating disorder in western societies. This is because of the cultural pressure to become abnormally thin.
Family Responsibility for Eating Disorders; Problems with Parent Involvement
Eating disorders is a family responsibility. Specific elements can be found, such as communication difficulties, incapacity to recognize emotions, serious concerns about weight and body image within the family, etc.
Children Not Eating; Forcing Children to Eat; Eating Disorders in Children
Forcing children to eat can result in these children developing eating disorders later in life.
Genetic Factors causing Eating Disorders
The same genetic factors which predispose addictive disorders such as alcoholism and drug addiction, also increase the risk of eating disorders.
List of Articles about Unnatural Slim and Beauty Ideals
List of a collection of articles about unnatural beauty and slim ideals.
Factors Initiating Eating Disorders
Why and how, in which situations, does an eating disorder start?
Causes of Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating)
A collection of articles about causes of eating disorders.
Eating Disorders Originating Factors
How and why an eating disorder starts.
Causes of Eating Disorders and Obesity in Children and Adults
Eating disorders are often caused by a combination of factors, such as lack of ability to distinguish hunger and satisfaction, eating to suppress uncomfortable feeling, a wish to achieve an unnormal low weight, unsuitable eating habits and life style.
Personality and Eating Disorders; Anorexia People; Bulimia People
People with eating disorders often have low self-esteem, low self-awareness, are prone to extremes, have a need to avoid monotonity.
Eating Disorder Predisposing Factors
Which factors make it more likely that a person will get an eating disorder?
Causes of Relapse of Anorexia Nervosa
Any psychical distress can cause a relapse of anorexia, in the same way as relapses in smoking for a person who has quit smoking.
Excessively Slim Ideals is a Cause of Eating Disorders; Eating Disorders and Fashion Magazines
Eating disorders can be caused by slim ideals from media. Most women today feel that they are under an obligation to be slim.
Slimming can Cause Eating Disorders
Yes, advertising and media have a large responsibility for causing eating disorders by showing un-normal slim ideals.

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Importance of eating breakfast; Why should I eat breakfast; Children who refuse breakfast
Recent research shows that if children in total get good nourishment, it is not so important if they get a good breakfast.
Eating Disorders in Children
Also young children can have eating disorders.
Articles about Children, Food and Eating, Diets for Obese and Overweight Children
List of links to articles about children and obesity.
How to Help Children to prevent Childhood Obesity and Eating Disorders
Parents can prevent their children from developing an eating disorders. They may for example help them to experience healthy hunger and feelings of satisfaction by encouraging them to respect their own body signals.
Children Who Refuse to Eat
How to handle a child who refuses to eat.
My husband and one of my daughters are getting fatter
If some family members are overweight, other family members must accept a home environment without unhealthy food, just as family members of alcoholics must accept a home without alcohol.
Parents Preventing Eating Disorders; Obese Children
How to raise children to prevent eating disorders.
Parents Preventing Eating Disorders; Obese Children
How to raise children to prevent eating disorders.
Caring for children to prevent eating disorders and child obesity?
Child obesity and eating disorders in children are caused by parents not responding appropriately to their childrens needs.
Children Accept Parents´ Methods
Why do children accept their parents´ incorrect upbringing methods?
To Teach Children to Eat is a Communication Process
Feeding is communicating, and you must help your child feel hunger and satisfaction and avoid confusing this with other feelings of wellness or unwellness.
Healthy Nutrition for Children to Avoid Fat Kids
Healthy Nutrition is important for children to avoid them from becoming fat. Parents' attitudes and behaviour are also important factors in stopping their kids from developing an eating disorders.
Parenting and Eating Disorders; Parent´s Influence and Obesity in Children
How should I raise my children, so that they will not get eating disorders?
Kleptomania, Compulsive Buying and Eating Disorder (Binge Eating Disorder) ; Impulse Control Disorder
Kleptomania, compulsive buying and binge eating disorder can appear together. They are related to Impulse Control Disorder.

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Characteristics of Anorexia Nervosa
This text describes the most prominent facts about anorexia nervosa, e.g., causes, statistics, physical and psychological problems.
Thoughts Maintaining Anorexia
Different thoughts, such as "eating only makes me feel bad" are used by the anorexia patient to maintain the illness.
Symptoms/Signs of Anorexia Nervosa ; Anorexia Symptoms
Describes anorexia symptoms, and gives links to more information about signs of anorexia nervosa.
Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating
Overview of the symptoms of binge eating, compulsive overeating and bulimia nervosa.
Binge Eating; Description and Examples of Binge Eating Attacks
A binge eating attack is characterized by eating lots and having no control of the food intake.
Symptoms of Eating Disorders: Bulimia Nervosa
An eating disorder, in which compulsive overeating is combined with compensatory activities, resulting in normal or somewhat less than normal weight.
Different Kinds/Types of Eating Disorders
What different kinds of eating disorders are there? Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Partial Syndrome, Obsessive Dieters or "weight-preoccupied" individuals, etc. Obese individuals with eating disorder
Eating Disorders Function Differently for Different People
Common to all eating disorders is that the person eats to achieve something else than the need for nutrition, for example, a slim body, reduction of anxiety or other states.
Definition of Eating Disorders
By an "Eating disorder" is meant when a person eats, or refuses to eat, in order to satisfy a psychic need and not a physical need.
Measuring Body Fat
How much fat do I have in my body? It can determined by computing your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Serum Lipase / Amylase and Eating Disorder
What alterations of amylase or lipase are common for patients with anorexia or bulimia?
Eating disorders among people with normal body weight
Can a person who is neither too fat nor too slim still have eating disorders?
Quick Weight Loss Methods for Fast Weight Loss
The only good way to lose weight is to find a diet of wholesome food which you can follow for the rest of your life.
Causes of Obesity and Overweight in Children and Adults
Why is my weight too high? Overweight is caused by eating to much fat. Biological as well as life-style factors contribute to this problem.
Anorexia Signs; Bulimina Signs; Diagnosing Eating Disorders ; Symptoms of Eating Disorders
A list of typical signs of eating disorders.
Obesity and Eating Disorders
Is obesity and overweight eating disorders?
Childhood Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders
There may be an indirect connection between childhood sexual abuse and eating disorders.
Compute my Body Mass Index (BMI) on-line calculator
This is the only Body Mass Index caculator which can use either kilos/cm or pounds/feet/inches and which gives accurate data also for children. Body Mass Index is a code which indicates if you are underweight, normal or overweight, and can predict your life expectancy based on body shape and build.
Ideal Body Weight Calculator; Ideal Weight Calculator
You can compute your ideal weight here, and see if you are overweight or underweight.
Fear Factor Women: Weight Phobia
Describes the symptoms and prevalence of weight phobia.
Anorexia and Bulimia Eating disorder Differences
People with Anorexia Bulimia Eating disorder: How they differ from ordinary people.
Ephedra and eating disorders
Ephedra is not at all safe, it has many dangerous side effects.
Attend to your feelings instead of eating
If you attend to your feelings instead of overeating, then you can surely solve the problem in a better way. As long as you eat, you will never find out and therefore can't tackle your problems in a realistic way.
Unexplained Weight Gain
Why people can become obese even though they believe they eat very little.
GI Table
A table which shows the glycemic index (GI) for 150 common foodstuffs.
Eating Disorder Facts; Eating Disorders Advice; Articles about Eating Disorders
A collection of hundreds of articles and answers to questions about eating disorders and obesity.
Articles about Types of Eating Disorders
List of links to many answers to different questions about different types of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, obesity).
Malnutrition and Hair Loss
I have lost 20 kilos in 6 months; I feel weak and I have started to lose some hair. Is there any connection between these two things?
Night Eating Syndrome (NES) and SSRI Therapy
Night eating syndrome and therapy with SSRI.
Obese children should be screened for ADHD
Obese children have a much larger risk for also having ADHD.
Obesity and overweight
A body mass index of 30 distinguishes overweight from obesity.
Overweight and Femininity, Must I have a Perfect Female Body?
I am overweight. I feel I have lost my femininity and I think about myself only like a shapeless blob. What can I do?
Atrial Fibrillation and Overweight ; Disease of Obesity and Heart
According to an survey, there is a connection between atrial fibrillation and obesity.

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A Collection of articles about Anorexia - Causes Diagnosis Symptoms Treatment
A large collection of articles about anorexia nervosa, Causes, Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, etc.
Anorectics May Think They are Fat
Why do many anorectics think they are fat when they are in reality very thin?
Eating Disorder (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating) Complications, Risks, Dangers
Eating disorders can cause a multitude of complications, risks and even death.
Exercise and Weight Regulation; Benefits of Exercise over Diet
Exercise consumes some calories which might other cause weight gain. But of more importance is that exercise (about an hour per day) causes the natural weight control mechanism of the body to work better.
Exercise and Weight Regulation; Benefits of Exercise over Diet
Tell me about exercise and its effect on your weight regulation.
Exercise and Weight Regulation; Benefits of Exercise over Diet
Exercise consumes some calories which might other cause weight gain. But of more importance is that exercise (about an hour per day) causes the natural weight control mechanism of the body to work better.
Directory of web sites on eating disorders, obesity and dieting
A diectory of good web sites on eating disorders, obesity and weight control.
Fasting for Children
Answer from an expert on the issue of whether children should faste.
Benefits of Fasting: Weight Loss Method?
Is fasting healthy?
Water Fasting
Water fasting means that you only drink water. However, this is usually not a reommended diet.
Offensive comments at overweight people
A way of handling people who makes ugly comments at you because you are overweight.
The frequency of eating disorders in women and men
Over 90 % of those who develop eating disorders are young women. Their ideal of slimness doesn't correspond with the body's natural needs, and therefore young women try to suppress their nutritional needs in order to achieve slimness.
Eating Disorders Statistics
Different Eating Disorders Statistics are given by different studies, as reported here.
Effects of Bulimia/Anorexia, Dangers, Risks
Those with eating disorders often feel unwell both physically and mentally.
Obesity Health Risks
The are large health risks with obesity. Obesity increase the risks of many serious disorders and premature death is more common than for normal-weight people.
Prejudices about and Incidence of Obesity
Are obese people greedy? Are obese people psychologically disturbed? Are obese people lacking in will-power? Do we have prejudices about obese people?
Books and Papers about Eating Disorders
Where can I read more about eating disorders?
Research on Eating Disorders
What kind of research is done on eating disorders?
Slimming: Good Weight Loss Methods
Help Lose Weight; Good Slimming Methods. The most sensible and best method to achieve a lasting weight loss is to continually use good eating habits.
Slimming Diets
Discusses the risks which can be incurred from slimming or trying to reduce your weight. Recommends safe and healthy diets.
Dealing with Guilt and Secret Shame Feelings
Should I feel guilty, when I have eaten wrongly? What can be done about feelings of guilt and shame when one has an eating disorder?
Causes of Missed Periods
The body stops the menstrual cycle in order to protect blood and protein reserves.
Starting an Eating Disorder
An eating disorder may start with faults in the child's awareness of hunger and experience of it. Further, slimming, starvation and bad eating habits with faulty nutrition may aggrevate the eating disorder.
Eating Disorders and Dental Problems
Eating disorders with vomiting is harmful for the teeth. Vomiting brings up acid gastric juice into the gullet (oesophagus)and the mouth. This can cause erosion of the teeth and wounds in the oesophagus.
Eating Disorders Today and in Earlier Times
Eating disorders are more common today than in earlier times because of the stronger media pressure on getting abnormally slim.
Self-Provoked Vomiting to Get Rid of Food
If you like to eat, but think your weight is too high, one solution chosen by many people is to induce vomiting, in order to get rid of the food they have just eaten. This practice, however, has medical problems.
Anorexia Articles
A list of some important articles about Anorexia Nervosa in Web4Health.
Anorexia Pictures; Anorexia Photos; Pictures of Anorexic People and Fat People
Pictures of some girls with anorexia nervosa and one with obesity caused by binge eating syndrome.

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Causes of anorexia eating disorders - a form of addiction?
Discusses whether anorexia can be caused by stimulation of the reward center in the brain, in similar ways to addictive disorders.
The Crisis of my Life; Midlife crisis
It is only with hard work that you can gradually overcome shyness and make something meaningful of your life.
Recovering from Anorexia; Mortality - Death Rate
According to one study: 40 % recover completely, 20 % die.
Anorexia Can Give You a Feeling of Satisfaction
Anorexia is similar to drug addiction in that sense that it can give you a feeling of satisfaction. It seems as if anorexia stimulates those substances in the brain which affect the pleasure and reward centre.
Various Ways To Avoid Understanding Oneself
Suppressed feelings stops you from handling your situation in a constructive way.
Shopping Spree Prevention: Buying Things You do not Need
Shopping Spree Prevention: It is difficult for many people to resist temptation. That's why we buy things we don't need. However, if you are aware of the tactics being used, it's easier to avoid the traps.
Separating Constant Craving from Real Hunger and Other Sensations
One important cause of eating disorders is a disability to distinguish between hunger and other sensations. Other sensations than real hunger may, for example, be felt as a constant craving. This answer describes this problem, and how it can be countered.
Dysfunctional Thoughts with Eating Disorders, about Body Image, Self-Esteem; Psychology Factors of Eating Disorders
People with eating disorder have dysfunctional thoughts. They are unable to evaluate their weight and body image objectively. For this reason, these people spend much of their time trying to conform to a body ideal that often exists only in their minds and in reality is unachievable.
Normal and disturbed eating
A normal person eats as controlled by needs of nutrition. A person with an eating disorder may wrongly interpret discomfort as hunger.
Weight Loss and Psychology: Why Eating when I am Not Hungry
Weight loss and psychology are related. You eat to suppress unpleasant feelings. By allowing these feelings to come forward, you can learn to live with them without overeating.
Eating Right and not Too Much
To stop eating disorders, you have to learn to recognize your body signals of physical hunger and satisfaction.
Healty Eating Tips: Easier to Eat Sensibly Together with Other People
Yes, it is easier to eat sensibly/well together with other people than when you are alone.
Excessive Exercise
Excessive exercise can cause further hunger sense suppression. In this way you risk maintaining or worsening an eating disorder.
Family influence and Eating Disorders
My family will not let me eat what i like. They want to force me to eat their unhealty food.
Anorexia eating
There is no normal food plan, suitable for everyone.
Family Members and Friends of Those with Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia) ; tips
How can family members and friends help people with eating disorders? What can family members and friends do to help a person with an eating disorder?
Do Overweight People Eat More Than Other People?
An overweight person may eat the same amount as a normal size person. However, he/she might be eating the wrong things. Further, if you were overweight as a child it may be that you have a large amount of small fat cells in your body that are very hard to get rid of by diet.
Overweight and Will Power
Do overweight people have low will power?
Confusing other Real Feelings with Hunger or Craving
Other real feelings can be confused with hunger or craving. Examples of these feelings are stress, depression, anxiety, guilt feelings, irritation, anger, loneliness, insecurity, shame, boredness,exhaustion, jealousy, sadness, etc.
Articles about Feelings, Hunger, Emotions
A collection of articles relating to different feelings and sensations and how to deal with them.
Hunger and Satisfaction: Inherited Genetic Traits or Something you Learn as a Small Child
Hungering is an inherited trait, but you have to learn to recognize it properly, and incorrect learning of recognizing the hunger and satisfaction sensations can cause eating disorders.
How Eating Disordered People Experience Hunger
People with eating disorders experience hunger differently from other people. They share an inability to identify hunger properly and distinguish it from other kinds of bodily needs or emotional excitement.
Cause Eating Disorder: Incapability to Recognize the Hunger Sensation
Hunger is an inborn instinct, but to feel hunger and separate it from other feelings must be learned. People with an eating disorder may by slimming or starvation develop an incapability to recognize hunger.
Why Don´t You Do Right
For people with eating disorders, eating (or for some anorectics not eating) is a craving similar to the drug for a drug addict.
Learning to Recognize Hunger at Different Ages
Learning to recognize hunger is not only limited to infancy, it continues throughout childhood.
Why do People Lie About Their Drug Addiction or Eating Disorder, is this Compulsive Lying?
Why do compulsive eaters and people with drug addiction lie about their disorder, for example saying that they want to eat normally and at the same time doing anything in order to continue eating compulsively?
Working on your way of life; Creative problem solving
By working on solving your problems in life, you can get happier and more satisfied.
Loneliness and Eating Disorders
I eat because I feel lonely. Is loneliness and lack of friends a cause of my eating disorder? Why do I eat too much when I am tired and lonely?
Eating Disorder Maintenance Factors
Why do persons with eating disorders not get well by themselves? What makes an eating disorder persist? How long does a person suffer from an eating disorder? Which factors prevent a person with an eating disorder from recovering?
You Seldom Get Completely Well from an Eating Disorder
It is difficult to get completely well from an eating disorder. In a stressful situation, the temptation to eat compulsively might take over, even if you have really matured beyond that phase of your life.
Eating Only One Meal a Day
I have a problem with my eating habits. I can´t eat more than one proper meal per day. If I eat any other way I worry about how much I will gain weight.
Living a Healthy Lifestyle: Learning to Recognize Hunger and Satisfaction
For a healthy lifestyle it is important to learn how to recognize hunger and satisfaction by getting in touch with your bodily feelings and listen to them for signals of hunger and satiation.
Is Anorexia Nervosa a Psychosis?
Some experienced therapists say that anorexia is a psychotic disorder since the individual doesn´t have any awareness of illness. Another view is to see anorexia as an addictive condition, and here the addict also often has no awareness of illness.
Jealousy, Neglect
How to create your own life instead of being jealous. How to learn to accept that other people do not always pay as much attention to you as you wish.
Replacing Overeating with Other Abuses
If an overeater stops eating, he/she may start another abuse. It is necessary to be continually on guard against those temptations which attract with instant pleasure or escape in exchange for another addiction.
Sometimes Behaving Right and Sometimes Not
Various urges within yourself drive in different directions.
To be Satisfied when You Have Eaten Enough; Reduce Food Craving
Why are other people satisfied, when they have eaten enough, but not me?
Not Showing Up at a Party
When people with an eating disorder agree to show up at a party, they think they can manage it, but then they get cought in their eating disorder again and they may feel so depressed so they dont't want anybody to see them.
Self-Esteem, Ego
Self-esteem is the capacity to evaluate your resources successfully and positively.
Self-Hate and Eating Disorders
There is usually a relationship between self-hate and eating disorders. They eat in order to escape from their unpleasant feelings. The correct method is to identify their problems and try to solve them, not flee from them.
Compulsive Shopping Spree: Buying Too Much at Supermarkets
Many people have problems visiting supermarkets, they feel a kind of compulsive shopping spree. Some simple techniques can help you to defend yourself against sales psychologists and limit yourself to buying only products that you really want to buy.
What is This Feeling that Causes me to Eat?
People with eating disorders often cannot properly distinguish between physical hunger and other feelings.
Messy Living of Compulsive Eater
Compulsive eaters, like narcotics, want to get a fast kick. Everything else is unimportant.
Comfort by Eating (or by Starving)
There is a difference between people with an eating disorder an those without. Normally people are in contact with their physical feelings of hunger and satisfaction. In contrast, people with eating disorders don't feel the body signals for hunger and satisfaction, or they don't listen to these signals.
How Your Body Regulates Your Weight
How does my body regulate my weight? What regulates my weight? What keeps my weight at steady level?
Sadorexia - Anorexia with Masochism
Sadorexia is a combination of anorexia with masochism.
Self-Harm, Teenagers Cutting Themselves
Self-cutting is an abuse, similar to drug abuse, where the physical pain influences the reward center in the brain, to give a temporary resolution of discomform without having to solve any problems.
Simple Screening Instruments for Eating Disorders
Test for eating disorders by answering five questions.

ed-treat - Obesity, Weight Control, Eating Disorders, Treatment

Stopping Eating Versus Stopping Drinking Alcohol
Why can´t I stop eating, just like an alcoholic can stop drinking?
Healthy eating : Alternating Diet
What is healthy eating? Should I follow a strict diet? How should I plan my diet? What is meant by an alternating diet? Which diet is healthy?
Medicines for Anorexia
There are no known drugs which can cure anorexia, but antidepressive drugs can prevent relapse after getting well.
How To Treat Anorexia Nervosa
Treatment of anorexia nervosa requires enormous amounts of patience from parents and hospital staff.
Unnatural Ideals of Beauty
I am too fat, but when I manage to reduce, I start eating again
How to Change Life: Changing Yourself Step By Step; Coping with Problems; Breaking a Habit
How to change life to achieve something which you cannot achieve otherwise. It is difficult to change your own behaviour; this article describes how to succeed.
Comparing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Gestalt Therapy
Gives examples of use of the methods of cognitive behavioural therapy as compared to Gestalt therapy as applied to eating disorders.
How Many Calories are Used up by Exercise?
The number of calories used by exercise is often less than we believe. But exercise can make weight regulation work better.
Calories Used up by Exercise?
The number of calories used up by exercise is often less than expected, but despite this, it is much easier to lose weight, and also avoid gaining weight, if you exercise regularly.
Changing Your Eating Habits
How can I change my eating habits?
Help for Eating Disorders: Theory does not Help
Help for eating disorders: How to convert theoretical knowledge into practical results.
Cheating Days when You do not Eat Right
No, it is not a good idea to have one cheating day each week. You may have to cheat occasionally, but a particular day is not a good idea.
Child Obesity - Teenager Obesity - Fat Teenagers
The whole family is responsible if someone is overweight, and the whole family has to change their life-style in order to help the overweight person.
Slimming Against Childhood Obesity; Treating Child Obesity; Diet for Overweight Children; Obese Children
Should I encourage my overweight children to slim? Is slimming recommended for overweight children?
How Clinics for Eating Disorders Work
How do clinics for eating disorders work? What kind of methods do they use, what kind of expertise do they have?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Versus Gestalt Therapy for eating disorders
Describes with examples the difference between behavioural therapy, cognitive therapy and gestalt therapy.
The difficulty in recovering for a compulsive eater
It is difficult for a compulsive eater to recover because they are often unaware of the real causes of their boredom, anger, fatigue or disappointment. Instead they experience these feelings as hunger.
Recognizing Real Hunger and Satisfaction
The therapist should encorage the patients to recognize and fully experience their full real feelings.
Alternative Lifestyles, Alternatives to Eating, Drinking, Snorting, Smoking
A long list of fun things you can do instead of doing what you should not do.
Medicines/Drugs Causing Weight Gain/Increased weight
Medicines such as Lithium, Chlorpromazine, Cortisone, etc. can cause weight gain.
Weight Loss Pills; Weight Loss Medications; Diet Pill that Works
An overview of different medicines for eating disorders. There is no good medicine for overweight.
How to change life; Behaviour Change: Study Instead of Eating Cookies
How can I get myself to stop eating cookies and start studying instead?
Improve Your Eating Habits Instead of Slimming
Steps in changing your life-style instead of slimming.
Joy of Cooking without Gaining Weight
Tips on how to enjoy food without gaining weight.
How can I cope with my binge eating in the evenings?
Alternatives to binge eating in the evening.
Fast Slimming Methods; Quick Weight Loss Tips
Advice from a medical expert on eating disorders on how to lose weight fast.
Eating Food Rich in Calories Which Your Children Need, But You Don´t
In my family I am the only one who is overweight. My children are slim. I need to slim and my children go short of the calories they need. What shall I do?
Weight Loss Tips: Weight Which I Cannot Remove
How to describe your problem to yourself so that you can solve it.
Buffet Service Difficult to Handle; Fixed Serving Sizes better
Why have people with eating disorders problems with eating at buffet services?
Different Ways of Treating Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity; Fat recovery
There are different ways of treating eating disorders. It is for example important to learn to recognize your feelings of physical hunger and satisfaction, eat only in response to physical hunger and stop when you are satisfied, learn to recognize true feelings, solve problems, etc.
Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt therapy is a psychotherapeutic method, which aims at helping the patient becoming aware of and experience own feelings.
Clinics with Help on Eating Disorders
Reference to lists of clinics specializing in eating disorders treatment.
Weight Loss Motivation
How to handle inability to resist eating goodies even they are meant for others.
Controlling Your Real Feelings
How can I control my feelings instead of eating?
Weight Gain during Holiday
How to handle eating too much when you are on holiday or otherwise away from home.
Learning to Recognize the Real Feelings Behind an Improper Craving for food?
People with eating disorders tend to confuse different kinds of feelings of unease with hunger. This text explains how to find the real cause of what is incorrectly experienced as hunger.
Treatment for Anxiety and Panic Attacks; Learning to Recognize Hidden Real Human Emotions
This text explains how to learn to recognize the real human emotions, which may be hidden, but which are the cause of anxiety and panic attacks. It also gives links to other articles about anxiety and panic attacks.
St. John´s Wort and SSRI Medication (Fontex, Zoloft, Cipramil, Seroxat, etc.)
S:t John´s Wort has not been tested in the same way as SSRI medicines, but is believed to help with less severe depression.
Diuretics and Laxative Weight Loss
Describe the use of laxatives and diuretics to reduce weight. This practice is not recommended.
Eating Disorders: Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment of Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating
A large collection of articles on how to diagnose and treat eating disorders like anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, obesity and binge eating syndrome.
Liposuction After Pregnancy: Things to Consider
The postpartum period can be a difficult adjustment both physically and mentally, so there are a lot of things a mommy must take into consideration before getting liposuction.
How Can I Maintain My Weight when I Stop Slimming?
I have often slimmed down, but as soon as I begin to eat again it doesn´t take many month to regain even more than I had lost.
Compulsive Eating in the Days Before Menstruation
How can I handle the problem that I eat too much in the days before menstruation? How can I prevent compulsive eating in the days before menstruation?
Weight Loss Motivation; Eating Right Motivation
How to become and remain motivated to eat wholesome food.
Treatment Motivation
How can eating disorder patients be motivated to accept treatment?
The Myth that a Person Must Eat Much Less in Order to be Slim
The best slimming method is not to slim hard for a restricted time, but to follow a diet which suits you even after you have reached your ideal weight.
Gunborg Palme´s Method for Treating Eating Disorders
A description of a novel approach for the treatment of eating disorders.
Liposuction, Plastic Operations, Cosmetic Surgery
Tell me more about Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery. Is surgery a way of getting rid of superfluous fat?
Can I Reduce my Weight When I am Pregnant?
Moderate slimming during a pregnancy is not dangerous for the child, provided that you eat a balanced diet. The body gives priority to the child in using available nutrition.
Preventing Eating Disorders
Parents can help their children to avoid future eating disorders by helping them to learn to recognize physical hunger.
Overview of Different Kinds of Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Eating Disorders
Describes and compares different psychotherapeutic methods, such as psychoanalysis, psychodynamic methods, gestalt methods, cognitive methods, behavioural methods, etc.
The Pleasure Principle and the Reality Principle - What Should I Do With My Life?
Should we give up when faced with temptation, or try to do the right think even if it is more difficult and less tempting?
Lasting Improvements in Eating Habits and Body Weight
How can I reduce my body weight?
Does Compulsive Eating Stop if You Eat as Much as You Want?
Discussion of a method of treating compulsive eating by eating everything you want. Is this a good treatment method?
Self-feeding is a method for anorexia nervosa patients studied to learn not to think of food or weight control, to decrease binges and re-establish biological hunger and satiety signals and reduce anxiety and feelings of guilt linked to food.
Self-Help with Eating Disorders and Obesity
Self-help is one of the most important and common methods of treating people with eating disorders.
Bulimia Tips: Self-Monitoring - Keeping a Diary
Keeping a diary (self-monitoring) of all you eat is an important treatment method for people with eating disorders.
A session with an Eating Disorders Therapist
What happens during a session with an eating disorders therapist?
Keeping a Food Diary; Healthy Eating Plans
A form for a simple diary of how much you eat every day.
I Gain Weight when I Try to Stop Smoking
A reason why smokers who stop smoking often gain a few kilo is because they have less metabolism than when they where smoking. However, smoking is far more dangerous for health than an increase in weight.
Eating Disorder Management: Stopping Compulsive Eating
Eating disorder management includes making plans, learning to solve problem situations. Keeping an eating diary can help, too.
Why am I Unable to Feel Normal Hunger?
I eat all the time. If there is no other food at home I mix sugar, oats and butter and eat this. If I buy ice cream for my guests I eat up all that is left in the same evening and feel sick afterwards. Please help me!
Stop Vomiting
Vomiting intentionally is very dangerous, it will get you into an eating disorder and make life miserable for you.
Gastric Bypass and Lap Band Surgery
Reports of personal experiences with the gastric banding/bypass methods surgery for obesity, as reported by two patients who tried it.
Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse
How is psychotherapy as a treatment of eating disorders and addiction done?
Eating Disorders Therapy; Help for Eating Disorders
There are working methods for treating eating disorder, which help in most cases.
Learning to Think Constructively; Stress Management
Gives a comparison of good and bad ways of interpreting what happens to us.
Imagine Yourself Getting Slim
Unsuitable thoughts and ideas prevent you from solving your eating problems.
Find Other Sources of Your Happiness Instead of Eating
First of all, find out if there are physical reasons why you are so tired. Then ...
What is my Ideal Weight; How to Rate my Body
Discussion of reasonable and unreasonable weight goals, and of risks with unreasonable ideal weight and on how to rate your body.
Pregnancy Weight Loss or Gain: Weight Gain During Pregnancy can be Avoided
Tables and advice of acceptable weight gain during pregnancy to avoid a lasting pregnancy weight gain after childbirth.
Difficulty Getting Rid of an Eating Disorder; Cure for Bulimia
In order to get well, you have to learn to recognize suppressed feelings.
Anorexia Tips
Anorexia tips: Learn to understand why you have chosen to starve yourself.
Knowing How to Eat Sensibly, But Still Not Doing It
I know how I should eat so why don´t I eat that way?
Saying Yes When You Really Mean No
Am I too amenable and accomodating, saying yes when I really mean no?
Why do I have Unexplained Weight Gain and Weight Loss?
Risks with, and how to avoid, alternating between slimming and gaining weight again.
Cause of Trichotillomania; Woman Pulling Hair
The pain of pulling out hair stimulates the lust center of the brain. Treatment is similar to treatment of substance addiction, stopping the damaging behaviour and learn to recognize the hidden anxiety causing it.
Self induced vomiting and Dental Diseases
Yes, self-induced vomiting can destroy the teeth enamel och damage the teeth.
Weight gain before after
Articles about reasons for weight increase.
Anna von Bach
Anna von Bach is a Web4Health specialist-expert, who is responsible for translation of Web4Health to Russian.
Web4Health Expert: Fabio Piccini
Fabio Piccini is an experienced Italian psychotherapist with special clinical and research interest in personality disorders and eating disorders.
Web4health Experts: Gunborg Palme; Psychology Apprentice Positions
Description of Gunborg Palme, one of the Web4Health experts.
Martin Winkler
Description of Martin Winkler, one of the Web4Health experts.
Web4Health Experts: Wendy Moelker
Wendy Moelker is a Dutch psychologist and a medical expert in Web4Health.
Length of FAQ ids
How long can an FAQ id be?
To be removed
How to remove a FAQ everywhere?
Psychological free advice, relationship advice, free online counselling, free marriage counselling
Information on the Web4Health free online medical advice service.

health - Obstacles to Healthy Life Styles

Articles about Healthy Living; Answers to Health Questions, Mental Health Advice
A collection of articles with answers to questions about healthy living and mental health.

life - Life and Relational Problems

Acid reflux
Acid reflux can cause death by choking and is easy to prevent with medicines.
Acid reflux
Acid reflux can cause death by choking and is easy to prevent with medicines.
Loving Relationship/Affairs with a Married Man
Discussion about having extramarital affairs.
Life Skill Coach
How my life will be changed after following a life skill coach?
Attendant for Elderly People to Allow Elderly Exercise
I am 87 years old, and need help with shopping.
Age discrimination (ageism)
I don´t want to be forced to stop working just because I reach the age 65.
Self-Change and Tobacco/Alcohol Addiction Treatment; Quit Smoking Help
Yes, in fact most people get rid of addiction without help from someone else! This answer gives quit smoking help.
My husband blames me, my life is cheerless, how can I control my anger over my marriage problems?
You may have a reason to be angry. You need to find meaningful tasks in your life. Maybe you would also benefit from antidepressive medication.
Assertiveness, Communication skills, Self-esteem
What is Assertiveness? How do I learn to express my needs and rights? How do I develop self-esteem? How do I get people to do what I want them to do?
Being Responsible and Reliable
Presents a strategy for learning to become more responsibly and get rid of irresponsible behaviour.
Psychosomatic Blushing and Ulcerous Cholitis
Description of the workings of psychosomatic disorders.
Remaking Twisted Sister
Can you and should you influence another person to live in a better way?
Do have to change for the man I love?
Changing yourself for the man you love may be problematic.
She is Cheating on Me, Two-Timing Me, and is Abusive
She is responsible for her actions. You could try to ask her nicely to co-operate with you in a more grown-up way.
Techniques of conflict resolution; Marriage conflict management
Conflicts, disagreements and co-operation problems will always occur, both among children and adults. They are also a basis for all development. The conflict is closely related to change, and can in good cases lead to openings and improvements. This article gives tips and advice on how to resolve conflicts.
Life Cycle, Human Life Stages
The psychology of life cycle relates issues that you face in different stages of your life.
Disappointed in your Parents; Mother; Father
Your feelings for your mother are wellfounded.
Articles on Reasons to Divorce
List of articles in Web4Health on reasons for, and risks with divorce and with divorce advice.
Condemn Dress Codes of Rappers, Rockers, Skaters
It is not right, but people do condemn other people based on their dress codes.
Effects of drugs, medicines and life
Some articles on the effects of drugs and life events.
Elderly/Old People - Senior Citizens ; Links
List of articles on elderly people, their life and their mental disorders.
Rights of Elderly People
Elderly persons cannot lawfully be restrained.
Exercise, Fitness, Calories, Weight Regulation ; links
List of links to answers about exercise and fitness.
Portal Psychology: Directory of Psychology Websites, Best Medical Websites
Portal psychology: List of links to medical and psychology websites.

life-family - Family, Marital Problems

Divorced Mother, The Children and Her Ex´s New Girlfriend ; Divorce Advice for Women
You should find a solution which is acceptable to all, including your ex´s new girlfriend.
Family Conflict Anger Management/Handling
Best is if people who cannot stand each other do not have to meet. If they have to meet, includie some other people at the same time, this can cause them to be less rude.
Marital Conflicts - Lack of Communication?
Are marital conflicts caused by a lack of communication?
Effects of Mental Illness on the Family
Mental illness affects the well being of the whole family. It is important everybody get the support they need.
Causes Domestic Violence - Background Checks Against Spousal Abuse - Dating Checks - Domestic Violence Facts
Domestic violence facts. Early signs of violent behaviour leading to domestic violence. What to do if it happens. How to check if a man is violent. How handle a relationship with a violent man.

life-food - Food and Eating Except Eating Disorders

Exercise and Diet
You have to exercise for a long time, or very intensively, if you want a significant increase in energy consumption compared to just sitting.
Carbohydrates and Fat
Are superfluous carbohydrates converted into fat in the body?
Women Magazines, Health, Fitness and Diets
Is it a mistake to follow the diets that you find in women magazines or in newspapers?
Weight Loss and Diet; Dieting Tips and Weight Loss Advice ; Best Diets to Lose Weight
List of articles about food, diet and eating, and about best diets to lose weight.
Fast Food
Is it harmful to eat fast food?
Eating to avoid depression
Food with lots of olive oil reduces the risk for depression, while food with trns fats increase the risk of depression.
Eating Disorder Management: Regular Eating Habits
How often one should eat is an individual matter, but here are some guidelines.
Food to Eat, Food to Avoid; Healthy Food Diet List
Lists types of healthy food choices which you should eat and which you should avoid if you want to achieve a permanent weight loss.
Healthy Ice Cream Recipes
Ice cream can, of course, be eaten occasionally in moderation and on condition that it does not start an attack of compulsive eating. Here are two healthy ice cream recipes.
Salt - Do you Recommend Low Sodium Foods
Too much use of salt (sodium chloride) can increase the risk several severe diseases.
Food that gives a feeling of satisfaction
People who gorge cakes often do it to suppress unpleasant feelings. A change of diet can sometimes help.
Causes Obesity Children and Adults: Blaming Their Fat Condition on Others
Why can´t those who are overweight take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming their conditions on others?
Sugar, sweets, candy
Will sugar make me fat? Is sugar dangerous? Should I eat food which contains sugar?
Slimming by Drinking Water
Some people get a feeling of satisfaction by drinking water, and such people may easier lose weight if they drink water instead of some of their eating.
My Girlfriend Has No Time For Me Anymore
Why a woman who advances in work may not be able to care for her family as much as before, and how you should get her affection back again.
Role of Grandmother in Grandchild´s Life ; Discipline or Permissive Parenting Style
It is the parents who have custody of the children and decide how they are raised. A grandparent can only have influence, if the grandparent has good relation with the parents of the children. Permissive and disciplined methods of child raising will bring up different kinds of children, well-adjusted versus creative.
Anger in Grief
Our daughter has lost her boyfriend and she’s full of anger with everybody. What shall we do?
How to Deal with Grief ; Overcoming Grief ; Grief Recovery
Grief Work: How to handle grief, when a loved one dies.
Grief and Inability to Resume Social Activities
How long time does it take to get over grief and bereavement?
Overcoming Grief; Stages of Grief
Stages in overcoming grief: Acceptance, experiencing, adjustment, reinvesting.
Does my husband have a mistress?
What are your alternatives when you suspect that your husband is having an affair?
Cheating Wife, Cheating Husband
List of articles in Web4Health about infidelity, affairs, extramartial lovers, real or imagined through jealousy.
Internet dating
What is Internet dating, how does Internet dating work?

Jealousy, Envy

A collection of articles about jealousy.
Problem with Jealousy of Past Relations
It is rather common that men are jealous of former lovers of their spouses. This answer discusses how to handle such cases.
Partner´s Sexual Experience
Being concerned with your partner´s previous sexual experience can be seen as a kind of retroactive jealousy.
Relationship Problem Advice: Dealing with Jealousy
SSRI medication often have a very good effect for severe jealousy. They can be combined with cognitive therapy, which teaches you to think in a more constructive way.

life-lonely - Loneliness

Problem: Teenagers only Interested in Looks and Beauty; Eating Disorders in Teens
Society has ideals for teenagers which can be dangerous for them. Parents have a role in giving good advice and role models for teenagers.
What is love? Accidentally in love? Infatuation causing swapping partners
Infatuation is a strong force which gets people to break old relationships and change their living situation - not always to the better.
Life, Age, Feelings, Grief
List of links about solving problems of life, grief, feelings, age. Sub-link to page with relationships advice.
Articles on Obesity ; Advice - Info and Help for Obesity ; Obesity Help
obesity and overweight : List of articles on obesity giving advice, info and help for obesity.
Benefits of Exercise - Healthy Life Style Features
Psychological health can be obtained and supported by sport and exercise.
Commitment Phobia; Fear of Commitment
List of reasons why men do not want to commit themselves.
Divorce my old partner when I fall in love with a new man
What is most important for you, peace or passion? There is the risk, that you will have neither, when the new passion ends.
Single Women (Abandoned Women) ; Boyfriends that Leave; Men who Abandon Women - Reply No 2
Is it acceptable that a man from time to time abandons his woman for a shorter time?
Lonely Women; Rebound Relationships
Some men have a need to get away for a time, but will then come back to their women.
Relations; Marital Problems, Marriage help
List of articles about relationships, workplace relations, partner relations, relations breakup, conflict solving, marriage help, divorce, violence, etc.
My girlfriend´s Lack of Sex Drive; Lack of Sexual Desire
Many women want sex less often than their male partners. You will have to accept this.
Shopping Addiction; Gambling Addiction; Compulsive Gambling; Links
List of links about shopping problems and gambling addiction problems.
Shy love: How to express your love
If you love somebody, but are too shy to tell, sometimes you have to do things you are afraid of. Whenever you have a nice or loving thought, tell them.
Talking Thinking Threatening Fantasizing of Domestic Violence, Stabbing, Knife, Murder
If a person thinks or talks about violence, there is a real risk that that person will sometime act out his fantasies.
Womens Health and Mental Health topics
List of articles about womens health and mental health topics for women.

life-work - Workplace Psychology

I Feel Miserable At Work; Am I a Miserable Failure?
I get anxious and uncomfortable at work and I think I am a failure. I do not exercise and I eat too much.
Deciding on a New Job
I need help deciding what career to choose. What are the ccientific method steps to make that decision? What are good reasons for leaving a job?
Work, Workplace; Links
List of links to psychological answers about human relations at work.
Avoid Bloopers and Slip-Ups
All people make mistakes, all the time. If you want to remember something surely, write it down.
Nasty People You Cannot Avoid
How shall I deal with nasty customers at my job?
Stress in the Work Place, Stress Management
Advice on finding less stressful work.
Web4Health free software, Content Management Software; Links
List of links to answers in Web4Health.
Test page
Links to Web Sites on Science and Research
Links to web sites on science and research.

phobia - Phobia

How to Diagnose Whether You Suffer from Social Phobia
Social phobia and anxiety : Fear and unpleasant feelings when you are together with other people.
How to Diagnose Whether You Suffer from Social Phobia
Fear and unpleasant feelings when you are together with other people.
Overcoming Fear of Flying
About 10-20 % of all people are afraid of flying. All of them do not quit flying. Fear of flying can be treated.
Articles about Phobias
A phobia is an intensive, seemingly unexplainable anxiety and fright in certain special situations or in relation to certain special objects. This page links to more information about phobia and its treatment.
Fear of Using Public Toilets
I am afraid of using public toilets. What can I do? I cannot go to public toilets. Is there an organic cause?
My Snake Phobia Prevents me from Taking A Walk in the Forest (without Pictures of Snakes)
Describes the successful therapy of a person with snake phobia (version without pictures).
Snake Phobia
Describes the successful therapy of a person with snake phobia.
Anxiety and thoughts: Disaster Thoughts and misinterpretations of anxiety and panic
Patients with anxiety disorders often have catastrophic thoughts and misinterpretation of bodily symptoms.
Accepting articles
Conditions for accepting articles into Web4Health.
Drug Addition Treatment
Menu of pages about drug addiction treatment.
Information about advertising on Web4health
Link for information about advertising in Web4health.
Psychology Articles
The Web4Health web site contains about a thousand different psychology articles, with easy-to-use tools to find the particular articles you are looking for.
Web doctor, online doctor
Web4Health only provides ask-the-expert services in German, English and Swedish.
Cross-Lingual Question-Answering
Web4Health uses a technology called cross-lingual question-answering. The question is translated by Google to English, and answers found also in the Web4Health English data base.
Most Popular Pages and Topics in Web4Health
This page contains a list of the 26 most popular pages as viewed by Web4Health visitors. This gives an indication on the areas of interest. You can probably guess what interests people most!!
Web4Health in Different Languages
Links to the Web4Health web site in different languages.
Multi-lingual Web Site Content Management System
A multi-lingual web site content management system is a system for managing a web site in multiple languages. This requires special features to easily export changes in one language to all other languages.
Register as a Web4Health User
Explains how and why you can register yourself as a user of Web4Health.
Free Medical Search Engines
Links to free medical search engines and free psychology search engines.
How Secure is Web4Health
Description of how safe Web4Health and what you write in Web4Health is from misuse.
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Web4Health is using Google translation software in three ways to enhance our web site.
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A simple way to tell your friends about Web4Health.
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Are you interested in translating Web4Health to a new language? We can provide the servers, but we have no money to pay you for this work. You will have to seek national funding.
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Describes how to stop Web4health from sending notifications of new messages in Wb4health forums.
Most popular pages in Web4health
This page references a list of the 1000 most popular pages in Web4health.
Web for Health
What is Web4Health (Web for health)
Web for Health - Web4Health - The Psychology Web Site
"Web4Health" means "Web for health" which is a psychology web site of many answers to questions in the mental health area.
Wrong language? Did you put a non-English question to the English answers data base?
You may have put a non-English question to the English answers data base. Go to the home page for your language to ask questions in that language.

project - Project, Rules, Forums, Help

Advertisements in Web4Health
Web4Health does not check the correctness of advertisements on our pages.
Articles about Psychology and List of Psychological Disorders
Psychological articles related to psychological disorders, list of mental disorders.
Answer my Health Question: Examples of Individual and Personal Online Medical Advice
Web4Health provides more than 800 answers to psychology health questions. But you can also get a personal answer from one of our experts. Here is a list of links to examples of ask-the-expert answers.
Saved Copies of Web Pages
Why Web4Health uses cached copies of some external web pages.
Interactive Health Tool Directory: Health Tools, Health Quiz, Questionnaires, Multimedia Psychoeducation, Courses, CBT Programs online
Directory of questionnaires, webcasts and multimedia, interactive health information and online therapy projects for mental health and psychology.
Additional Rules for Web4Health Users
Overview of rules for users of Web4Health. These rules aim at preventing illegal usage and abusive use.
Web4Health Medical Experts
A list of the Web4Health medical experts.
Web4health Help
How can I use Web4Health?
Finding Translations of Web4Health Answers
If you see a Web4Health answer in one language, you can sometimes find the same answer in another language using the method described here.
Quality of Psychological Information in web4health
Does Web4health offer information according to high quality standards?
HON Criteria for Web4Health
Does web4health meet the HON-criteria?
Web4Health Experts: Petros Skapinakis and Eva Gerasi
Petros Skapinakis and Eva Gerasi from the University of Ioannina, Greece.
Glossary of Medical Terms in Nine European Languages
Link to a medical glossary.
Page rank (PR) of a webpage
How do measure the page rank of a web page.
Use of ´OR´ and ´AND´ in questions in Web4Health
How to pose questions to Web4Health.
Intelligent Natural-Language Question-Answering as Used by Web4Health
Describes the natural-language question-answering engine QuickAsk, as it is used by Web4Health.
Principles of Intelligent Natural Language Question Answering
Description the principles of the technology used by Web4Health to answer questions from users.
Web4Health is Sponsored by the European Union
Web4Health was originally funded by EU combined with funding by the project partners. At present, the site is managed by voluntary efforts combined with income from ads on the web site.
Statistics of the Web4Health Web Site; Size; No. of visitors
Statistics on the number of visitors, hits and FAQs in Web4Health.
Technical experts in Web4Health, Software developers
A list of the people who have developed the software used in Web4Health.
Information about Web4Health (Web for health, WebForHealth, Web 4 Health)
Web4health (Web for health, Web 4 Health, WebForHealth) provides unbiased answers to about a thousand questions in the area of mental health, written by medical experts appointed by the commission of the European communities.
Privacy and Anonymity in Web4Health
Privacy statement for the web4health web site.
Internet Web Conferencing Rules for Web4Health Users
Web4Health internet web conferencing on psychology and relations: Information on usage and rules.
Cost Efficiency of Online Medical Help
Web4Health has about 400 000 visitors viewing about one million pages per month, at a cost of about half an Euro/visitor (including all costs of developing and running the web site).
Feedback from Web4health Users
What do people think of the web site
Number of readers of web4health
How many European people visit web4health?
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Innovativeness of

psy - Therapy, Therapy Methods

Psychological Help for Trauma Victims of Disasters, for example Tsunami Victims
Disasters like the tsunami cause severe mental health problems. Counselling and psychological support may help victims and people who care for the victims.
Affect - The Observable Display of Feelings; Quarreling, Crying, Weeping, etc.
The display of subjective emotions such as fear, anger, joy.
Anger Management
Links to information about anger management.
Sociopath Diagnosis
People with an antisocial personality disorder, also called psychopaths, act according to their own interest without consideration of other people. They can cause great harm to society. It is difficult to treat them, but trying to convince them that they hurt themselves by their behaviour can sometimes help. It is difficult to protect yourself from psychopaths, since they are clever at manipulating themselves into positions of power.
Sociopath Diagnosis
People with an antisocial personality disorder, also called a psychopath, act according to their own interest without consideration of other people. They can cause great harm to society. It is difficult to treat them, but trying to convince them that they are hurt personally by their behaviour can sometimes help. It is difficult to protect yourself from psychopaths, since they are clever at manipulating themselves into positions of power.
Bio-psycho-social model
By bio-psycho-social-cultural is meant to look at different aspects of a pscyhological problems.
A Nervous Breakdown - What Is It Really?
A nervous breakdown is commonly seen as a crisis situation that is brought about by sudden mental strain and stress.
Theory and Causes of Mental Disorders such as Eating and Sexual Disorders, Suicide, Addiction, Alcoholism, Insomnia, ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, etc.
A list of articles on causes and theory of mental and other disorders, such as addictive, mood, anxiety, eating and sexual disorders.
Cognitive errors in cognitive behavioural therapy: Im not OK
Depressed people think in special ways which makes it difficult for them to solve their problems in life.
Life Advice, Divorce Advice, Breaking Up Advice
If you have problems in life, caused by stress, too much work, grief, divorce, etc., you can get help. Talking to someone or going to psychotherapy is not only good for severe mental health problems, but also for everyday crisises in life.
Are humans controlled by genetics?
Human beings differ from other animals in that we can control ourselves by rational thought, instead of inherited reactions only.
Coping with life; Living with problematic people
A list of articles on how to cope with people and yourself in difficult situations, and on coping with/living with mentally ill people.
Psychic Defense Mechanisms
Every individual utilizes defense mechanisms. What makes us different is which and how many defense mechanisms we use.
Dementia Care Guide: Dementia and Conversation
Dementia care guide: A list of things you should think of to successfully talk to a person who is suffering from dementia or alzheimers disease.
Interaction between medicines
Any pair of medicines can have interactions. You can look up in data bases if two medicines have known interactions.
Dysfunctional thinking
The Web4health web site has many articles about dysfunctional thoughts.
Fibromyalgia and Depression
Is there a connection between fibromyalgia and depression?
Fibromyalgia and Depression
Is there a connection between fibromyalgia and depression?
Freudian Slip
Freudian slips are mistakes in speech, which reveal hidden or subconscious thoughts and feelings.
Group Therapy or Individual Therapy
Group therapy is psychotherapy in groups. It costs less and is often more effective than individual psychotherapy.
Database of Herbal Medicine
Where can I find information about herbal drugs?
Mental Disorders and classification of mental disorders (ICD-10, DSM-IV)
In order to standardize the description and interpretation of mental disorders, diagnosis and classification systems have been set up. The two most well-known are DSM-IV and ICD-10.
Immediate Crisis Help
Web4health cannot give you help in an immediate crisis. This page explains where you can get such help.
Impulse control disorder: pulse control disorders
Impulse control disorders are characterized by repeated actions not motivated and lacking ability to prevent behaviour
Instability, Mood Swings
Instability can be caused by borderline (emotionally unstable) syndrome, with rapidly changing emotions, or by bipolar syndrome, with swings between manic and depressed states, or by the menstrual cycle in women.
Psychology today : Pros and Cons of Internet Counseling
What are the Pros and Cons of the use of the internet for psychological issues?
Internet Safety Awareness for abused persons
Internet Safety Awareness for victims of abuse, domestic violence or stalking. Security aspects of the use of internet.
Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)
What is interpersonal therapy?
Doctor, physician, specialist, nurse, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, etc.
A description of the work tasks for different kinds of people working in the medical area.
Mental health
Mental health according to the WHO standards
Narcissism - Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Traits
Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a personality trait with an inflated sense of self-importance and superiority.
Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis
A neurosis is a symptom of suppressed psychic pain, which appears as unrelated or inappropriate symptoms. It can be treated with psychotherapy, in which the patient relives the suppressed traumatic feelings and learns to handle them in a constructive way.
No Man is an Island - Is No Treatment an Option for Me?
What happens if no treatment is started for psychiatric disorders?
OCD Medication and Psychotherapy
The combination of medication and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is effective for the treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive disorder.
Phobias and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Treatment - Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)
Exposure and response prevention (commonly used for the treatment of phobias) can be effective also in the treatment of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
Symptoms and Treatment Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Introduction to OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), its symptoms and treatment.
Personality Disorders
Personality is a collection of emotions, thoughts and behaviour Personality disorder is when the personality deviates so much from the norm as to cause a problem for the individual and society.
Emotional Support by a Pet (Dog or Cat) as Treatment of Depression and Other Psychological Problems
For many people with psychological problems, pets are a valuable support.
Global Prevalence of current Mental health disorders
What is the prevelance of mental disorders in the general population?
Problem Solving Techniques : How to Solve Personal Problems
Describes how to systematically solve problems.
Procrastination; Breaking Bad Habits
Why do students procrastinate?
Most popular searches on psychology and mental health - Most popular psychological-medical questions answered
Which FAQs of Web4health were most popular in January 2004?
Schizophrenia and Psychosis
A collection of articles about psychosis and schizophrenia.
Reality Testing for Stress Management and Stress Relief
Reality testing is a good method in clarifying whether stress and anxiety is really motivated.
Links to where you can get immediate crisis help, for example if you are considering suicide
Your problem may require immediate professional help.
Friends´ and Family Support Groups
Support groups for family members and friends of people with mental illness can be of great value.
Alternative medicine for schizophrenia
I´m schizophrenic and I´m sick and tired of eating drugs every day and suffer from their side effects. Couldn´t I quit medications and switch to alternative medicine's remedies such as Bach flowers?
Emergency Plans in Chronic Schizophrenia Management
Our son suffers from schizophrenia. What shall we do in case of a relapse?
Relapses in Schizophrenia, Signs and Symptoms for Early Diagnosis
How large is a risk for a relapse in schizoprenia after successful treatment, and what signs should you look for to indicate that a relapse may be forthcoming.
Treatment of Schizophrenia
How can schizophrenia be treated?
Delusions and Coping Strategies in Acute Schizophrenia
How do you cope with people who are hearing voices or seeing things that do not exist?
What is Schizophrenia
What is schizophrenia? What are the symptoms?
Statistics of Prevalence of Mental Disorders
List of links to answers about the statistics of prevalence of various mental and related disorders.
Satisfaction Surveys
Subjective Wellbeing and Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS): Test of your own estimate of your wellbeing and satisfaction.
Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders
A list of different mental disorders and a link to an article about the symptoms of each disorder.
What does Psychoeducation refer to?
Sigmund Freud
Information about Sigmund Freud and his theories.
Types of Psychotherapy
A collection of articles on when psychotherapy is recommended, about different therapeutic methods, and about therapy of specific problems.
Social Competence Training
Social well-being depends on the capabilities to express one's own wishes and reasonable requirements, setting limits and requiring that others respect your needs.
Do I Need Professional Help, Intervention of a Physician or Psychotherapist?
Lists a number of questions you can ask yourself to decide if you need professional help, intervention of a physician or psychotherapist?
Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, doctor, physician, counsellor
Describes of the roles of different specialists in mental health care.
Schizophrenia and Psychosis
A collection of articles about psychosis and schizophrenia.

sex - Sexual Problems

Treatment of PTSD; Child Abuse Recovery; Coping with Sexual Abuse or PTSD
A three-phase model of treatment of people who have been sexually abused, or through other devastating trauma, is described.
Consequences of Sexual Abuse; Effects of Child Abuse; Symptoms of Child Molestation; Child Sexual Abuse Signs
Sexual abuse can cause psychological, social, sexual and physical problems. Sexual abuse signs can be self harming, anger, nightmares, loss of confidence, sexual problems, denial, re-experiencing.
Child Abuse Facts: The Range of Sexual Abuse
15 % of women have negative sexual experience with a family member before the age of 17, and 7 % of grown-up women experience sexual abuse or rape.
Help to Handle Sexual Abuse
Someone who listens can be a great help.
Definition of sexual abuse and rape
Sexual abuse - assault and rape
Articles about Sex Addiction
A collection of articles about sex addiction, its diagnosis, symptoms and treatment.
Addiction and sex
Tips to check if you have a sex addiction, and if so how to get rid of it.
Sexual Arousal Disorders
If you continuously are not getting sexually stimulated you may suffer from sexual arousal disorders.
Psychological Causes of Insufficient Female Vaginal Wetness
Psychological causes of insufficient female vaginal wetness may be for example; communication problems, problems of power and lack of confidence. Experiences of incest or other unpleasant sexual experiences may also play a role.
Treatment of Insufficient Lubrication, Insufficiently Moist Pussy
Problems with lubrication of the vagina and insufficiently moist pussy can be treated with lubricants or saliva, hormone treatment, etc.
Causes of Lack of Female Vaginal Lubrication (Dry Vagina, Dry Pussy, Insufficiently Wet Pussy)
Dry vagina (dry pussy) can be caused by hormone problems, neurological causes, other diseases, age or other causes.
Symptoms of Female Sexual Arousal Problems
You notice that a woman has symptoms of female sexual arousal problems when the vagina is repeatedly not getting wet in reaction to a sexual stimulus.
Male Masturbation
Masturbation is a normal part of the sexual behaviour of most people.
Reliability of contraceptives (prophylactics)
A table of different contraceptives and their reliability, indicated as the probability of pregnancy in one year's usage.
Relationships Problems: Making Him Disappointed When I am Not In the Mood for Making Love
Sometimes we have to make other people disappointed, and accept their disappointment.
Sexual Aversion Disorder
The cause of sexual aversion may be hormonal.
Symptoms of aversion to the sex
Aversion to various kinds of sexual contact.
Symptoms of Aversion to Sex
Sex Aversion Symptoms
Treatment of Aversion to Sex
The treatment of sex aversion depends on the cause. It can be medicine or psychotherapy.
Aversion to Sex; Sex Phobia
Aversion to sex and sex phobia means an intense disgust to sexual contact or related experiences.
Sexual Education in Schools, Sex Education For Teens
Sexual education in schools can help prevent future sexual problems and promote responsible sexual behaviour.
Old Age and Sex
Describes the occurrence of and problems with sex for elderly people.
Erectile dysfunction/erectile disfunction
An overview of the diagnosis, causes and treatment of erection problems (erectile dysfunction) in one combined article.
Determined Erection Problem
It requires checking of various causes, physical or psychological, to determine an erection problem.
How Common are Erection Problems?
52% of all men between 40 and 70 years of age sometimes have erection problem. Young men can have erection problems because of performance anxiety.
Erectile Dysfunction - Psychological Causes
Alcohol, drugs, fear of problem, distraction can cause dysfunction erectile problems.
Physical Causes of Erection Problems
Erection problems are often a combination of physical and psychological factors.
Fixing erectile dysfunction; treatment, cure
Depending on the cause, the problem is treated psychologically, with medicines or with devices.
Male erection problems
An erection problems/dysfunction is when the penis doesn't get stiff enough or doesn't get stiff at all.
When is Sexual Desire Excessive in a Man?
When the sex drive in a man is excessive is not easy to determine. However, if the person feels considerable distress, this can be a reason to regard the desire as excessive.
Treatment of Excessive Desire
Depending on how much the person or others are distressed, a treatment can be set up. However, these treatments are not often used and the result of them is therefore uncertain.
Excessive Desire, Sexual Addiction
Sexual desire, or lust for sex, may be greater than desirable. This is called hyper sexuality, sex addiction or satyriasis.
High Male Sex Drive
A collection of answers to common questions related to excessively high male sex drive.
Sexual Arousal Problems for Women
Sexual arousal problems occur when you never get a good physical reaction from erotic stimuli.
Symptoms of Sexual Arousal Problems in Women
The vagina not getting wet enough in response to a sexual stimulus.
Female Orgasm Techniques
List of articles on how to help a woman achieve an orgasm.
Feet Fetish, Doctor Fetish, Nurse Fetish, Shoe Fetish, Legs Fetish
A paraphilia is a recurring sexually exciting fantasy, impulse or behavior related to non-human objects.
Causes of Sexual Disorders
In most cases there is not just one cause for a sexual problem; there are often several causes. It is important to look at the problem from three different points of view, namely physical causes, psychological causes and social causes.
Overview of Sexual Disorders and Problems
When sex does not go as smoothly as you want.
Do I Have A Sexual Disorder?
A sexual disorder exists if certain conditions have been fulfilled. Your general practitioner can refer you to a sexologist, who can help you.
Frequency of Sexual Problems
About two percent each year seek medical advice because of sexual problems.
Inventory of Sexual Disorder
Reduced desire, arousal disorder, orgasm disorder, sexual pain and others.
Sex Therapy Counseling
Behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapy and systems approach are three different basic methods used in sex therapy counseling.
Therapy and Sexual Problems
Depending on the problem, medicine, psychotherapy or relation therapy is used.
Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
Sometimes, the effort of the person and the competence of the therapist are important for success. A sexologist is recommended.
How to Deal with Sexual Problems like Orgasm or Impotence Problems
If you have sexual problems (orgasm, impotence), see your general practitioner and get a referral to a sexologist, urologist or gynaecologist.
Causes of Transsexualism
Little is known about the causes of transsexualism, but the gender identity seems to be given before birth and may have fysiological causes.
Effects of a Gender Identity Disorder
Describes effects, such as depression.
Articles about Gender Identity Disorder
A list of articles about gender identity disorder - its definition, causes, inicidence and treatment.
The Range of Transsexual or Gender Identity Disorder
It is estimated that one out of 11900 men and one out of 30400 women have a gender identity disorder.
Treatment of Transsexual and Gender Identity Disorder, Sex Gender Change Surgery
Issues in the treatment are discussed. Should the body or the feelings be changed?
Transgender, Transsexual, Gender Identity Disorder
Strong feelings of being born with the wrong gender.
Getting rid of Unwanted Sexual Addictions like an Urge to Urinate on your Partner
You can satisfy your needs in your imagination without doing it in reality.
Virgin Men Fear of Intimacy: Sexual Aversion?
I get nervous and full of anxiety whenever I am near a girl. Do I have fear of intimacy or sexual aversion disorder?
Female Orgasm: How to Give a Woman an Orgasm
Understanding female orgasm gives a more satisfying love life. Sex is a mutual activity where both partners should be satisfied.
I cannot get an erection (hard penis) any more
I can not get an erection any longer. When a man cannot get an erect penis long enough.
Causes of Homosexuality
To pose the question of what causes homosexuality is actually a judgment about homosexuals.
Phases in the development of the homosexual identity
Phases in the development of the homosexual identity
Prejudice against homosexuals
Prejudice against homosexuals - How can people react to homosexuality?
Treatment for Homosexuality
Homosexuality is not generally regarded as a disease, which needs to be treated.
Homosexuality is to have a preference for sexual relations with and feel attracted to persons of the same sex.
Talking to your Parents about Homosexuality
Coming out as a homosexual is a gradual process where telling your family might be one of the last steps.
Homosexuality is not a Psychiatric Disturbance
Homosexuality is not a disorder, and is thus not something you normally want treatment for.
The Incestuous Family - Roles in Families with Sexual Abuse
The perpetrator, the victim and "the quiet part" constitute three roles in the incestuous family. It is often the father, or the stepfather, in the family who is the perpetrator, and a daughter who is the victim. The mother sometimes - "as if asleep" - pretends not to know what is going on and is for that reason called "the quiet part" or "the third man".
Young Girl´s Sexual Desire for Incest With Stepfather
Don´t tempt your stepfather sexually. Play with people outside your family. You can destroy everything for all three of you otherwise.
Sexually Abused Children; Children Abused by Family Members; Victims of Sexual Abuse
Incest does not affect all children in the same way. Also, the experience of the abuse may differ in certain aspects. This can vary with the child's age, how long the abuse continues, and how serious it is.
Incest - Sex Exploiting Children, Brothers and Sisters, Persons in Position of Dependence
According to an Encyclopedia (link) , incest is (latin "incestus": contaminated, sexually immoral, an older word for incest is bloodshame) a term for sexual activity between persons who are related by blood and/or are not legally allowed to marry. Sexual intercourse with a descendant or between full brothers and sisters is punishable according to the law in most countries.
Why do I want to switch partner every eight month? Why does infatuation not last?
Infatuation recedes after some months or years. This cause some people to switch partners. Other people stay in the same relation, but fantazise about other partners, without realizing their fantasis.
Loss of Sexual Desire in Women; Lack of Interest in Sex
Loss of sexual desire in women can be caused by stress, or be a natural variation. It can also depend on your partner.
Love but no Sex
By the Madonna-Whore complex is meant men who do not want sex with their wifes because they see them as their mothers.
Making Love
A collection of answers to common questions about love and lovemaking.
How to Give a Female an Orgasm ; Increase Female Sex Drive
How a male partner can help his girlfriend getting an orgasm.
Sexual problems and disorders
A collection of about 100 articles about sexual problems and disorders, grouped by type of disorder.
Not Feel Like Making Love
Relation problems, lack of proper stimulation, psychological problems.
Automatically Lose Interest in Making Love
There is certainly a chance that the reduced interest in making love will disappear automatically.
Feel Like Making Love
Sexual arousal is an emotional and physical reaction to an erotic stimulation. Links to pages about problems with sexual arousal.
How Common is Lack of Sexual Desire
33% of the women have a reduced interest in making love. 16% of the men.
Lack of Desire Lasting for a Long Time
Problems can occur in the relationship.
Psychological Problems Related to Women with Low or No Sex Drive; How to Increase Female Sex Drive
Different thoughts, feelings or emotions, such as fear, anger or sadness may reduce the interest in sex for women.
Psychological Problems Related to Men with no Sex Drive
Various thoughts, feelings or emotions may reduce mens sex drive.
Social Factors Causing Lack of Interest in Making Love
Being busy, stress, problems at work or at home; may all reduce interest in making love. Consider if your situation has these problems.
Physical problems that are related to why a woman doesn´t want to have sex
The loss of sexual interest could be an effect of many different factors, e. g. a disease that disturbs the hormone level, or chronic pain.
Physical Problems Related to Male Lack of Sex Drive
Physical problems, like anomalies in the hormonal regulation, alcohol and drug use and medication can be related to a lack of sex drive in men.
How to Increase Male Sex Drive
The treatment depends on the cause of the problem.
Treatment for Women with no Sex Drive; Female Sexual Arousal Problems
Depending on the causes of the complaints, a treatment for women with no sex drive will be set up. Physical causes of female sexual arousal problems are also treated depending on the cause.
Lack of Sexual Desire, Sex Lack of Interest
If you have little or no interest in sex for a long time it is possible that you have a disorder with a lack of interest in sex.
Cause of Women´s Orgasm Problems
The causes of women´s orgasm problems can be physical, psychological or social
Frequency of Difficulty Achieving Female Orgasm
About 24% of all women have orgasm problems.
Impotence Males: How Common are Men´s Orgasm Problems
25 to 60 % of all men.
Orgasm problems
List of articles about orgasm problems.
Tips on How to Make Women Orgasm
Describes different treatments for women's orgasm problem depending on the cause.
Treatment of Men´s Orgasm Problems; Increase Male Sex Drive
This depends on the problem. Investigate premature ejaculation and use of drugs which can cause orgasm problems in men.
Women´s Orgasm Problems; Orgasm for Women
An orgasm disorder/problem is when a woman never has an orgasm and is distressed by this.
Men´s Orgasm Problems
Men can have problems of erection, problems of too early ejaculations and various orgasm problems.
Orgasm only through masturbation: Why do I not get Orgasm during sex with my partner?
Only orgasm through masturbation. Why not during sex with my partner?
Other Sexual Disorders
Problems not satisfying all the criteria for defined sexual disorders.
Causes of Sex Pain; Painful Sex
Describes many different possible causes for pain during sex.
Frequency of Painful Sexual Intercourse
8 to 33,5% have severe pain while making love.
Treatment of Painful Sexual Intercourse
Depending on the cause, different experts can help.
Painful Sexual Intercourse
Overview of different kinds of painful sexual intercourse, with links to articles about causes and treatment.
Pain at sex for women
List of articles about pain and discomfort associated with sex.
Causes of Sexual Paraphilia, Sexual Fantasies
Do you regard this as a disorder or not?
Getting sexually aroused by the idea of showing the genitals to an unsuspecting stranger, for example the so-called ´flasher´.
Getting sexually aroused by non-living and generally not sexually arousing objects, e.g shoes, lingerie, soft fabrics, etc.
Getting sexually aroused by touching and rubbing oneself against another non-consenting person.
Get rid of Unwanted Sexual Urges
Success depends on the will to change.
The Range of Sexual Paraphilias
How often do paraphilias occur?
Legal Control of Sexual Behaviour, Incest and Sexual Harassment
A summary of what sexual behaviour is legal and illegal in different countries.
Masochism, Sadism and Sado-Machochism (S.M.) Causes and Symptoms
Masochism is getting sexually aroused by fantasies about being humiliated, beaten, tied up or otherwise tortured. Sadism is the opposite. It is commonly caused by parents abusing their children.
Other Sexual Paraphilias
Describes various less common paraphilias.
Getting sexually aroused by a child in prepuberty or a child younger than 13 years old.
Getting sexually aroused by fantasies about doing psychological or physical harm to a victim.
Social Consequences of Sexual Paraphilias
Feelings of shame, contempt or anger are frequent.
Transvestic Fetishism
A transvestite is a person who gets sexually aroused by fantasies about wearing clothes of the opposite sex.
Treatment of Sexual Paraphilias
Treatment can help avoid problems.
Getting sexually aroused by fantasies about secretly watching others permission during sexual activities, undressing or being naked.
Sexual Paraphilia to non-Human Objects or non-Normal Situations
Sexual fantasy or behaviour related to non-human objects, children, or aggressive acts.
Paraphilia Sexual Behaviours and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
For some clients with paraphilia therapists find a compulsion or obsessive behaviour related to the sexual problem.
Penis enlargement - Do penis enlargement pills work
There is no evidence that penis enlargement pills have any effect at all.
Rate my Penis; Foreskin Retraction
Describes variations in penises for different men, including circumcised penis and foreskin retraction.
Does Penis Size Matter?
Most women care much more about other things than penis size. Male sexual enlargement is something men do for their own sake, or for bragging with male friends, but not something they do for their girl friends.
Family Guy Sex ; Why do men look at porn
Many men continue looking at porn even when they are married family guys, even though their wifes are often offended by this. This article explains why men do this.
Cause of Premature Ejaculation
The most frequent cause is fear of not performing well, learned reflex, lack of neurotransmitter.
Ejaculation and Males, Male Premature Ejaculation Tips
Men who have a premature ejaculation come within one minute and often within 30 seconds of every love play. It can be treated with SSRI medicines.
Premature Ejaculations Range
29% of all men.
Premature Ejaculation Treatment - Premature Ejaculation Cure
Medication can help as treatment of premature ejaculation.
Premature Ejaculation
Premature ejaculation means that the man comes too fast, sometimes even before penetration, or faster than he wants.
Rape consequences
Rape is when someone forces another person to have intercourse or other sexual relations by using violence or threats. Rape often causes the victim to suffer strong emotional reactions which can take a long time to work through. Both perpetrator and victim may come from all areas of society. It is difficult to point to any common personality traits of those who rape and of those who are raped.
Stalking, Persecution Syndrome
Description of stalking or persecution syndrome. Figure disturbances at stalkers, reasons to stalking.
Stress and Sexuality ; Increase Male Sex Drive
Stress can interfere with the sex drive and capability in men (and women). If you feel that you are in control of your life, stress can increase the sex drive.
Sex therapy
Description of sex therapy.
Can Medicines Cause Sexual Orgasm Problems?
All medicines have side effects and some of them will have an influence on sexual orgasm problems.
Sex Therapy ; Treatment of Sex Problems
One way of treating a sex problem is to learn to look at yourself in a more suitable way. And sex therapy tries for example to control negative thoughts related to sex.
Cause of Vaginismus or Vaginistic Reaction
Many possible causes are described.
Vaginismus and Vaginistic Range
12% to 17% of all sexual disorders.
Treatment of Vaginismus and Vaginistic Reaction
Treatment appropriate to different kinds of problems.
Vaginismus and Vaginistic Reaction - Female Painful Sex
Muscle contraction makes it impossible to penetrate the vagina.
Sex Pain in a Woman can be a Symptom of Vestibulitis
Vestibulitis is a cause of sex pain in the vagina which is not well known and therefore often misdiagnosed.
Female Orgasm: Multiple Orgasms During Intercourse for a Woman
Many women cannot get orgasm during intercourse without stimulating their clitoris.
My Wife does not Want to Make Love after our Son was Born
Why a woman can lose interest in having sex, and what the man can do about it.
Short Name
Description of how objects in the KOM2002 groupware are named.

sleep - Insomnia, Sleeping Disorders

Dental Amalgam and psychiatric symptoms (fatigue, depression, health problems)
Is dental amalgam the cause of my mental health problems (fatigue, depression and other health related problems)?
Chronic Use of Benzodiazepines for Insomnia
Why do 10% of all patients with chronic insomnia stay on benzodiazepines?
Bruxism and Sleep Apnea (OSA) - Is There a Connection
Is there a connection between bruxism and sleep apnea?
A Drink Before Sleeping
Is a drink before going to sleep an effective sleeping pill?
How Common are Sleep Disturbances; Frequency of Sleeping Problems
One third of the adult population have occasional sleeping problems, one tenth have cronic sleeping problems.
Falling asleep unintentionally or fight to stay awake
Falling asleep at daytime or problems to avoid unintentional sleep
Insomnia - Different types of sleeping problems
When do I need a medical evaluation for insomnia or sleeping problems?
Global Sleep Assessment Questionnaire
Simple questionnaire/screening test may be an aid in evaluating a sleeping disorder.
Sweating at Night
What are possible reasons for excessive sweating during sleep? What is sleep hyperhidrosis?
Hypnagogic Hallucinations when Falling Asleep or Waking Up
Hypnagogic hallucinations, weird pictures when waking and sleeping, are quite common and usually not a symptom of any serious problem.
Transient Insomnia
About sleeping problems over a period of a few nights only.
Facts about insomnia
Description and definition of insomnia, sleeping problems.
Sleep deprivation - lack of sleep - insomnia
Overview of sleeping problems, its effects, causes and what to do about them.
Do you recommend Melatonin for insomnia?
Articles on Sleeping Problems
List of articles about insomnia and sleeping problems.
Rebound Insomnia caused by Sleeping Pills
Sleeping problems can be worsened after taking a sleeping pill over a longer period of time (rebound insomnia).
Snoring - Prevalence among men / Risk factors for habitual snoring
What is the prevalance of snoring in men?
Substance Induced Sleeping Problems? Drugs as Insomnia Causes?
Drugs such as benzodiazepines can have a negative effect on sleep.
Quality Sleep Systems ; Rules/Tips for Healthy Sleeping
A list of simple rules to follow in order to sleep better.
Sleep Environment
What can I do to sleep better? Tips to fall asleep and sleep with less hassle.
Women and Sleep
Sleeping problems of women
How to stop worries and racing thoughts before falling asleep?

soma - Functional Somatic Syndromes, Body Symptoms

Psychological Disturbance in AIDS Patients
What psychological complications would you expect in a patient with a newly diagnosed AIDS?
Anxiety and Somatic Disorders (Hypertension, Asthma, Gastrointestinal and Other Somatic Disorders)
Anxiety disorders are often associated with a specific pattern of somatic illnesses like cardiac disorders, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, difficulties getting pregnant, asthma, migraine, etc.
Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD); How to Rate my Body
What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? What is Dysmorphophobia?
Coronary Artery Disease (CAD, Angina, Heart Attack, Coronary) and Psychological Problems of the Spouse (Wife, Husband, Partner)
A coronary is not only a disease which influences the person involved, also the wife/husband/partner/family, will face emotional problems, have new resposiblities and may need special support.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Symptoms and Wrong Diagnoses
Before diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), one must exclude somatic disorders causing tiredness.
Fatigue and constant exhaustion: Why do I always feel tired? Why am I tired all day long? What are the medical causes?
Chronic fatigue: exhaustion, constant fatigue, and illnesses associated with fatigue and exhaustion.
How to Diagnose Chronic Tiredness (CFS)
Tiredness can have many different somatic and/or mental causes.
Coping with Cancer
Terminally ill patients can be helped by a proper psychotherapeutic support.
Stress in Daily Life
Many small events in daily life can together cause stress.
Epilepsy and Criminal Behaviour
I´ve read that epilepsy can cause criminal behaviour. Is this true?
Fibromyalgia - Pain All Over and Always Tired
Links to more information about fibromyalgia.
Human Genetics: Articles about Genetic (Congenital) Causes of Psychiatric Disorders
A list of answers to questions about the possibility that different psychiatric illnesses are genetically caused (inherited by genes from the parents).
A Lump in the Throat; Feeling a Tightening in the Throat
Tightness or lump in the throat due to depression and fear.
Headache: Danger Signs in Serious Headache where you should Immediately Consult a Doctor
Headache symptoms: Presence of following danger signals should warn a clinician that a headache may be more serious than migraine, and should warn a patient to immediately consult a doctor.
Neurocirculatory Asthenia
What can one do about fears of a cardiac infarct? What is a hyperkinetic heart syndrome? What is a neurocirculatory asthenia? What is meant by Effort Syndrome?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome: ROME Criteria
What are the criteria of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?
Sleep Restriction Therapy
What is sleep restriction therapy?
Nonrestorative Sleep; Sleep Deprivation; Circadian Rhythm Disturbance
What are the recommendations for non-restorative sleep? What are common sleeping problems of adults?
Before and during orgasm sex headaches: headaches during sex
Headaches during sexual orgasm: how to treat them.
Muscle Twitches, Eye Twitches
Somatic (body) symptoms can be caused by repressed feelings or stress.
Itching and Cronic Skin Picking caused by Depression and OCD - Psychogenic Excoriation
OCD and depression can be the cause of chronic itching and skin picking. The skin picking gives a subjective feeling of reduced anxiety.
Somatic (Body) Functions
Web4Health is oriented towards psychology and psychiatry, and does not have answers on purely physical (somatic) medicine. This page gives tips on where to find such information.
Alternative Approaches to Pain Relief
Chronic pain needs different treatment approaches than pain killers. Psychotherapy and complementary/alternative treatment approaches (nutrition, herbs, relaxation therapy, guided imagery) are options.
Personal Questions to Ask a Doctor
Personal questions to ask a doctor about diagnosis, causes, treatment, risks, therapy options.
Rheumatoid Arthritis and Depression; Causes of Suicide
Discusses the relationship between rheumatoid arthritis and depression.
Psychosomatic Symptoms and School Stress
Can psychosomatic symptoms be caused by problems at school?
What is Homeostasis
Homeostasis is an (ideal or virtual) state of equilibrium, in which all body systems are working and interacting in an appropriate way to fulfill all the needs.
How does stress affect health?
What are typical reactions of the body to stress? How does it affect health?
Switching to Different Prescription Drugs, New Medicines; Choosing a Doctor
Switching from one psychothropic drug to another can cause many problems and should be done under the supervision of a psychiatrist.
How to reduce tiredness - Tired all the time
A list of articles about why some people are tired all the time. Tiredness can have somatic (physical) or mental (psychological) causes. Treatment of tiredness depends on the cause.
Medical Stress Symptoms and Psychosomatic Symptoms
List of links about somatic (bodily) symptoms of psychical problems.

therapy - Therapy

Positive Sayings, Positive Affirmations, Positive Thinking; Positive Attitude
People with low self-confidence often repeat negative thoughts to themselves. By replacing these negative thoughts with positive thoughts, they can gain more self-confidence.
CBT treatment
Some steps that are used in cognitive behaviour therapy, and lead to improved control over anxiety and worry.
Contra-Indications for Psychotherapy
What are the contra-indications for psychological treatments?
My doctor think I´m neurasthenic, what does it mean?
Should I see a Doctor?
Articles about when and how to ask for help from a medical specialist.
Psychotropic Drug Therapy and Alcohol
Can I drink beer while taking psyhopharmacological drugs like anti-depressants, sleeping pills, etc?
Psychiatric Drugs (Diazepam, Valium, Xanax, etc.) Dependance/Dependence, Detoxifaction Plan
To avoid withdrawal symptoms, you may have to reduce dosage stepwise over several weeks, following a detoxification plan.
Group Therapy or Individual Therapy
Discusses the pros and cons of group psychotherapy versus individual psychotherapy.
Diagnose Symptoms and Indications for Psychotherapy
What are the diseases for which a psychological treatment (i.e. psychotherapy) is indicated?
Psychotherapy, Psychology Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Psychology Today
List of links to descriptions of different psychotherapeutic methods and approaches.
Mindfulness, Awareness Presence; What was I Thinking
Mindfulness is a therapeutic attitude which refers to people practicing their ability to be aware at the present time.
I Didn´t Get Any Help from Psychotherapy
I have been having psychotherapy, but I decided to stop as I didn´t think I made any progress. I have had personal crises. I have become a compulsive eater, I eat a great deal and feel ill. Sometimes I try to vomit.
Treatments for Mental Diseases
Overview of the most commonly used treatments in the therapy of mental diseases.
Overview of Different Kinds of Psychotherapeutic Treatment Methods
Describes and compares different psychotherapeutic methods, such as psychoanalysis, psychodynamic methods, gestalt methods, cognitive methods, behavioural methods, etc.
Psychoanalysis: keynotes in analytical psychotherapy
Psychoanalysis is the name of the method for psychotherapy developed by Sigmund Freud.
Psychotherapy - Definition
Psychotherapy is verbal therapeutic treatment (intervention), based on the conversation and the relationship between the therapist (physician or psychologist) and the patient.
Psychotropic Drugs and Personality Change
I´m taking psychotropic drugs. Do you think they can change my personality, or my way of thinking? Or, can they change my brain?
What is psychodrama?
Is Self-Care/Self-Help Suitable Alternative Medicine?
Is self-care/self-help a suitable treatment in mental diseases? Yes, self-care is the most common and most important kind of treatment of psychological problems.
Self Help Articles
List of links to articles in Web4Health about self-help.
Insomnia, Sleeping Pills Dependence, Diazepam (Valium) Dependence
Discusses why sleeping pills often stop working after using them continuously for two months.
Psychotherapy for the Terminally Ill
Is it useful to suggest psychotherapy (or a psychotropic drug treatment) to a patient with severe cancer?
Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: Psychology and Health Articles
List of many articles with information about treatment of psychiatric disorders.
Genetic testing for cancer risk: Prevention through genetic testing for cancer risk
Is it possible through genetic tests to predict cancer?
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Unmanned helicopter drones search for pirates outside the coast of Somalia
Small unmanned helicopters based on Spanish military vessels scan the coast of Somalia against pirates, which are harassing boats in the area.
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